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Providers, what do you offer that makes you different from other providers?
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Providers, what do you offer that makes you different from other providers?

varunchopravarunchopra Member
edited October 2018 in General

It's 2018 and there are hardly any providers who:

  1. Offer services like hosted SQL, block storage.
  2. Offer flexibility in billing where instances are billed hourly or per minutes.
  3. Offer a good choice of images. Providers like Virmach have ancient images that update when they boot up. Virmach doesn't even offer Ubuntu 18.04.

What's stopping you from offering a pre-baked image that is always updated?

  1. Don't support automatically adding ssh keys to all newly provisioned VMs, instead, they send passwords via mail.
  2. They don't force a password reset when the user first logs in, and they send root passwords via the mail.

Meanwhile there are providers like DO who're moving up to offering Kubernetes, hosted Postgres and a shitton more. Kudos to BuyVM for adding cheap block storage as well.

If you offer hosting, I'd like to know what your selling point is.


  • I am offering my life motto.

    Don't fix what's not broken

  • BlaZeBlaZe Member, Host Rep

    Varun, being all-rounder is not everyone's cup of tea.

    Most of the providers (not summer hosts), start small and climb/scale slowly. But some scale up fast as they have the right team (people) with them working.

    ^ This is of last year, $175million, we are talking numbers here. With that much amount of money, its not hard for them to hire the best people who will push the company forward.

    Sure, there are companies who are in web hosting since +10 years and are milking on just VPS & dedicated servers, because it is working for them! and it is fulfilling their goals & motives.

    The OS template thing, yes, that is not a hard thing to do, that's a gap which the host needs to fill in their operations but investing money to offering more services to cater to a small group of people will be a loss market for the host.

    The big players can sustain to target the Enterprise clients with various services which you mentioned, small hosts just can't.

  • gestiondbigestiondbi Member, Patron Provider

    It's easy.... Maple syrup!

    Thanked by 1AuroraZ
  • @yokowasis said:
    I am offering my life motto.

    Don't fix what's not broken

    What do you think is broken here?

    It's normal for businesses to try and surpass the competition and gain customers.

    @BlaZe said:
    wall of text

    Shashank, I'm not asking anyone to be an all-rounder or to target enterprise clients.

  • Webhosting:
    Simple, easy & efficient. What else do you need?

    Have less time worrying about billing or downtime and more time working on your Projects/Business.

    I think consistency places above everything else for me. I see so many providers with great service plans and their support just lets them down.

  • deankdeank Member, Troll

    Want to stand out? Simple.

    Free hosting that is as good as highend dedicated.

    You will go bankrupt but these folks won't care.

  • @WSS is what makes hosting special. He uses special sauce.

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