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Netcup Service Level A+ Extension. Anyone using?
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Netcup Service Level A+ Extension. Anyone using?

nqservicesnqservices Member
edited October 2018 in General


Anyone using the “Service Level A+” extra on netcup? The description is:

“Guaranteed average annual availability of at least 99.9%, immediate reaction time and much more”

Well on their root servers page they already “guarantee” 99.9%. So anyone using this? If yes, what are the advantages?



  • All they do offer is an upgrade in terms of the service level agreement and this is just an upgrade that offer you 99.9 uptime of the actual node. This does not mean they can deliver it, but it does mean they can compensate you for additional downtime.

    To my wild guess, I'm guessing there is no real advantages and I would suggest reading their service agreement for what you can get in compensation when the service is down.

  • CyberMondayCyberMonday Member
    edited October 2018

    I had a rootserver with them awhile back, and I think I had a 5 minute downtime for the entire year. You're paying for marketing.

    That said, their VPS service is not as nice as the rootservers.

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