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Starting own vps reseller to targetted local client
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Starting own vps reseller to targetted local client

I am new here and I an application which i developed for about 70 clients and it may grow.
Presently, I am managing and configuring the vps myself from another hosting company.

I want to make a passive income selling vps am considering rolling out a dedicated server from ovh so I need your help with below:

Assuming I have the follow dedicated server configuration below.

CPU: Intel Xeon E3-1270v6 - 4c/8t - 3.8GHz /4.2GHz
RAM: 64GB DDR4 ECC 2400 MHz
Disk: SoftRaid 2x2TB
Traffic: 500 Mbps bandwidth (burst 1 Gbps ) unlimited
vRack 1Gbps
Cost of this Server: $120

And I want to make vps of this size/configuration which is minimum requirement for my application how many vps can i fit in safely using SolusVM (Master)/SolusVM (Slave) if I sell vps for $3-5.

RAM: 512MB
BW: Unlimited
Port: 1 Gbps
IP4: 1 IPv4, 1 IPv6

OS: Centos, Debian, Ubuntu

Please I don't mind general advice or guide to starting my own web/vps hosting.


  • You would need to oversell the resources to reach break even.

  • @crpatel could you please let me know what resources i need to increase? From the way I see it I can fit 100 comfortably because ram per vps is 512 and with 64gb i can get 108 vpses but am keeping it to 80 keeping enough ram.

    For hard disk 1,600 gb would be required to server 80 vpses so i have over 400gb left. So could you please let me know what I have not considered?

  • @lovelyvulns

    That's the server without any IP addresses. I assume you have that calculation already done.

    If you run SolusVM with KVM, there will be overhead as opposed to OpenVZ which can be "mostly" considered headless.

    Your configuration is not hosting ready. I would be terrified if I knew some provider charging $5/month for a 512MB box ran their disks in a RAID 0 configuration. Naturally, you will need to at least toss on (at the very least) RAID 1, which will provide some redundancy should a disk fail.

    Now, backups. Where do you plan on keeping server backups? You mention that you wish to host your application for your clients, so unless you want a mob of angry customers, take an offsite backup for your sake of mind as you are offering from what I can tell semi-managed virtual servers.

    Lastly, you made the assumption that only RAM matters when selling virtual servers. Wrong. At 80 VPS servers, you're guaranteeing 1/20 of a CPU core to each server. Yes, you can oversell CPU -- but you need to figure out a sweet spot between speed and profit if you don't want complaints about shit running slow.

  • BradyHBradyH Member, Host Rep

    if you want to do KVM you are going to need a bigger server. If you want to offer Openvz then you can over sell the server and make some money.

    If you are selling to local clients you can get away to charging more for your VPS that what you would get on a site like LET

  • georgedatacentergeorgedatacenter Member, Patron Provider

    is not looking for a partner ?

  • @CenTexHosting what would a bigger server configuration be?

  • @FlamesRunner

    Thanks for your input, it is real eye openner, I am new and not familiar with Raids but while I was googling for setup i foud this on ovh

    "The default RAID level for OVH server installations is RAID 1, which doubles the space taken up by your data, effectively halving the useable disk space."

    Any recommendation for a cpu and ram so I can reconsider?

  • HostlovinHostlovin Member, Host Rep

    If you are unfamiliar with RAIDS, you should stay away from reselling VPSes

  • @Hostlovin I am open to learning new stuff. Researching is what am doing at the moment.

  • BradyHBradyH Member, Host Rep

    @lovelyvulns Something like Dual E5-2620v4 128 GB 4 x 1 TB SSD would just be one example.

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