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vps pool or Dedicated server?
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vps pool or Dedicated server?

need some advice on following...thinking of it for quiet few days.

I am highly satisfied with subnetlabs for sure with their resource pools.

Currently i have two pools and paying around $42 with 50% discount on main price.

but thinking of having own dedi server
but i always bothered about maitaining it and how to make vps's from it (i heared about solusvm etc but no real knowledge)

do you think, it worths moving to a server or stay with subnetlabs?

currently i am using (combined stats)
20 cores - may not need that much
315gb ssd - need min. 250gb ssd
28gb ram - need atleast 16gb
15ips - may need 8-10ips

if you have 2mins, please advice.

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  • Hello.

    Obviously if you do not have experience in administration nodes and deploying virtualization systems, you should stick to vps pool. Also Im pretty sure you wont be able to get dedicated server with your current specs (or similar), with your budget.

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  • BharatBBharatB Member, Host Rep

    @seenu said:

    If you lack the experience you should first research. There are many companies out there ready to help you get setup as long as you tend to be a loyal customer.

  • I would say, stay with subnetlabs. IMHO they are one of the few really good resource pools out there in that price range. You are not going to save money by getting a dedi, but will gain more work. If you want to learn how to be a sys admin that is a separate issue.

  • Awmusic12635Awmusic12635 Member, Host Rep
    edited September 2018

    Happy to hear you are enjoying our services. If we can do anything to make your time with us better just let us know :smile:

  • GTHostGTHost Member, Patron Provider

    use VPS and stay with Subnet Labs.

  • thanks for the responses.

    honestly learning sys admin things is not my priority....if its small i can learn but if it is going to consume lot of time...i prefer to stay with vps.

    and i am okay in upping budget a bit

    my main concern/idea is....if i use dedi....will i get more cpu resouces? or not looking at no. of cores i am getting from subnetlabs.

  • If nothing you intend to deploy, comes in the form of a docker container, and your primary audience is North America, there's no reason to quit the steal deal you have.

    For the same budget, in KVM resource terms you'd get 12vCPU(non dedicated) , 32gb RAM, 320gb ssd, 9IPs with Hetzner cloud (assuming 8x2GB small instance + 1x16GB large instance )

    This is only worth it if you need KVM (modern kernel, Docker) and/or better latency to Europe and the Indian subcontinent.

  • @seenu said:

    my main concern/idea is....if i use dedi....will i get more cpu resouces?

    Are you transcoding?

  • thanks for the response @vimalware

    my CPU usage is almost negligible..... i just want to assing min. one core to each vps thats why i want more cores....only gitlab needs too much cores for me.

    Hetzner: are you mentioning about vpses or if i take a dedi and make it vpses?

    kvm: i really don't care
    latency to India: yes...since hipchat is being consolidated with slack....i want to use hosted version of mattermost which is bundled with gitlab CE.

  • @seenu said:
    gitlab CE.

    If Gitlab (+addons) is your goal, definitely use their docker image. It makes updates painless and saves hours.

    Be warned the docs have updated ram requirements to 8gb, though in my day to day repo usage, I have it pegged at roughly 3.5GB (not using mattermost)

  • i was using CE edition without docker for 2+ years and i am not sure whether migrating to docker version is smooth or not.

    and i have to use mattermost in near future as hipchat is going away.

  • I'm a fan of resource pools over dedi for certain uses where having the vps spread over different nodes works out much cheaper than doing that myself with different dedis. Plus the storage on the dedi becomes your problem with regards to raid etc.

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  • Dedi always performs like a dedicated.

  • can anyone give me a final suggestion of which is better

    the specs i already posted from resource pools

    or below dedi specs?

    Intel Xeon E3-1240v2    32GB DDR3 RAM   240GB SSD   13 IPv4 10TB @ 1Gbps    2Gbps   $50 /mo


  • At $42 for all those resources you're doing very well, especially once you take into account the fact that someone else is dealing with the infrastructure for you.

    If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

    Thanked by 1Janevski
  • For 42$/month you're doing fine, just fine, fine.

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