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How to measure server power consumption by month
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How to measure server power consumption by month


Is there any website to calculate to measure server power consumption. Want to buy colo and planning to buy Dell R710 and Dell R720 (32-72GB RAM and 4 HDD, HW Raid) don't know how much power need. Is there any website or tools?



  • @bdwebservices, try this link

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  • hostdarehostdare Member, Host Rep

    power mostly depends on the cpu , which cpu is that

  • I use this in my home.

    Works pretty good.

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  • wavecomaswavecomas Member, Host Rep
    edited September 2018

    With colo most serious providers have measuered and controlled PDU´s where you can check it. But its also reasonable to check in cpu vendor site for power consumtion and add 10-20%
    Or you can buy form ebay with few buk power meter if your machine is @ home

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  • IonSwitch_StanIonSwitch_Stan Member, Host Rep
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    As a baseline -- a standard r710/r720 build will idle at 130 watts each, use ~250 watts at 60% cpu usage, and ~350 watts at 100% cpu usage. If you run high TDP procs, add a little, if you run L series, remove a little.

    I'd consider L series CPU's, and running lower output PSU's that are 80+ rated so you get better efficiency.

  • JanevskiJanevski Member
    edited September 2018

    Take what max power value is written on the PSU and in accordance with your power plan calculate a monthly flat rate price for that device in particular. The actual bill for it will be less or equal to the calculation, quite likely less.

    Let's say outside is cold and i have a heater that i would like to be always on, then i have a (plasma fusion) boiler, etc. - okay, i'll calculate per device monthly flat rate and then add it together. The actual price will be less or equal to my calculation. If the price is more, then i have a problem.

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