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[Request] Dedicated server for highly abusive activity.
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[Request] Dedicated server for highly abusive activity.

blackfluxblackflux Member
edited September 2018 in Requests

Dear mods/admins - before you delete this thread and ban me please read my post. Thanks :)

Im planning to make service similar to
Without getting into details - this service would find potential vulnerabilities worldwide and report them for free to verified hosting providers so they can include this vulnerabilities in their antiddos/antispam system etc.

This service would require alot of port scanning on daily basics (1gbps line would be needed). Ofc result of any port scan is a ton of abuse messages.

My question is
Would you (as dedicated server provider) accept client like me knowing that my abusive activity is nothing bad at all?

Or only option i have is own AS + /24 IPv4 block?


  • armandorgarmandorg Member, Host Rep

    Why would they ban you?

  • deankdeank Member, Troll

    The end is nigh.

    No need to ban you though.

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  • armandorg said: Why would they ban you?

    The mods here, savages, all of them.

  • @armandorg said:
    Why would they ban you?

    Well, im sure every bigger provider here have daily/weekly some spamers buying dedicated server or vps and doing bruteforce attacks and other nasty things so "abusive activity" is something not liked here, maybe it sounds like asking for banhammer ;)

  • AnthonySmithAnthonySmith Member, Patron Provider

    Well, your intention is good (ish) but I think your implementation is misguided and naive, to do this properly you really need to invest in your own network and equipment, it is not the sort of thing that you should do or can really successfully do on someone else's.

    I mean if you approach providers that own and operate their own network you might be able to negotiate a contract with a fair bit of disclosure, but I dont think you will find anyone long term that just rents you a dedi and routes your /24 for this.

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