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VPN company for SALE ! - Page 2
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VPN company for SALE !



  • hzrhzr Member
    edited August 2018

    jar said: This. Selling to someone in the US might make sense though. Just the assets of course. Domain, web design, customer database, take over server rentals, etc. Would be no legal trouble for someone here purchasing the assets with cash, and then registering an LLC and running with it. Roughly equal to purchasing the assets as new (domain registration, web design company, development, etc).

    My US based CPA that would definitely ensure I go nowhere near this.

    • The customer database crossing from EU to US, GDPR bullshit
    • customers' contracts with a dissolved entity skipping out on taxes and not filing returns
    • servers owned by said dissolved entity so they couldn't even be legally transferred to you anyway
    • the company's address and registered office being invalid anyway because they haven't paid their "virtual office" supplier in years
    • invoices still being issued with the same invalid info
    • domain not legally owned by the company anymore
    • logo is a trademark violation
  • hzrhzr Member

    @jar disregard that, design is probably stolen


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  • jarjar Member, Patron Provider

    hzr said: My US based CPA that would definitely ensure I go nowhere near this

    Your CPA needs more sense of adventure ;)

    hzr said: disregard that, design is probably stolen

    Interesting. Maybe an old design of theirs? Doesn't seem too similar today at least.

  • edited August 2018

    @headvpn This thread is so closed! If anyone buys this company from you they are either smoking crack or just plain stupid. You have be informed about things in this thread and the previous one about the shadiness in your responses to the legit questions. Personally i bet you don't even own any kind of asset in the "fake" company.

    Edit Title: The company is not "PREMIUM"

  • Additionally: Since headvpn is using a nulled whmcs, the company is forever banned on LET/LEB. So even if you're somehow stupid enough to buy it, you won't be allowed to advertise for it on LET/LEB.

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