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Copying dynamic link with cronjob
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Copying dynamic link with cronjob

typh0ntyph0n Member
edited October 2013 in Help

Hi guys,
the title might be confusing but I couldn't find a better one.
Here is my problem:

I've found a website which provides a .pdf document but the link and the document changes every week.
E.g. the link for this week is:
for the next week:

Now I want to copy the whole document and mirror it to my server. So I wanted to do this with a cronjob. The cronjob should just copy the .pdf and save it on my server as a static link, which can by overwritten every week be the new document.
Can someone help me with creating such a cronjob? It would also be great if the cronjob could work off a list which contains the dynamic links because the only thing which changes from week to week is the number.
Thank you!


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