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[USA]Xen $35/Years/1gRAM Xen/Kvm $7Monthly
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[USA]Xen $35/Years/1gRAM Xen/Kvm $7Monthly

XSXXSX Member, Host Rep
edited October 2013 in Offers

Fedvps offer reliable yet very affordable USA/China web hosting solutions. Our VPS's are ideal for hosting websites, database servers, SHOUTcast servers, Minecraft servers, game servers and many other applications. If you need a remote desktop (RDP) then our Windows VPS's (Kvm) are just what you need!

All VPS are unmanaged and come with 1 IP address, although we do offer the opportunity to purchase additional IP's at $1.50/month with justification. If you would like more information please contact us and we'll be more than happy to help.

  • We don't currently offer Windows licenses, so you'll need to provide your own license key - Server 2003, 2008, 2012.

VPS Features

Xen or Kvm Virtualization

SolusVM Control Panel

RAID10 Protected Storage

Up to 8 CPU Cores!

100Mbit/s Network Port

Windows, Linux and BSD Available

Instant VPS Activation

Unmanaged - Full Root/Admin Access

Semi-Managed Available

======Xen PV Virtualization==================

256M Tiny Xen VPS
Pricing $35 /Per Years

location Los Angeles/San Jose/Phoneix

256M RAM/256M swap

RAID10 15GB Disk Space, weekly full backups

300G/OUT/Monthly Bandwidth Transfer

100Mbps Port Speed

2 Core E3 CPU

1 IPv4

Solusvm API control

Click To Order

Xen PV Virtualization

****1024M Medium Xen VPS****

Pricing $7/Monthly

location Los Angeles/San Jose/Phoneix/Dallas


RAID10 40GB Disk Space, weekly full backups

500G/OUT/Monthly Bandwidth Transfer

100Mbps Port Speed

4 Core Intel Xeon E3 CPU

1 IPv4

Solusvm API control

Click To Order

======Kvm Virtualization==================

Small Kvm VPS

Pricing $7/Monthly

location Los Angeles


RAID10 40GB Disk Space, weekly full backups

1000G/OUT/Monthly Bandwidth Transfer

100Mbps Port Speed

2 Core CPU

1 IPv4

Solusvm control panel

Click To Order

Network Tests :
San Jose, CA, USA

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Dallas, TX, USA

Phoneix, AZ, USA

Locations in Los Angeles/San Jose/Dallas/Phoneix



Refund Policy - Only first-time accounts are eligible for a refund.

Support: [email protected]

Sales: [email protected]

Telephone +86-400-605-8652



  • Pricing $18/Monthly? do you know how to read?

  • 18刀/月的KVM不符合LET的定价标准,请编辑掉。

    Notice to potential buyers from outside mainland China:

    Chinese government has strict restrictions on the purchase and use of internet hosting services. An ICP license (requires true identity, and extremely hard to obtain as a foreigner) for a domain is mandatory for it to pass through port TCP 80 to a host. Although there are no more technical restrictions on other ports (so some providers can temporarily hide you), random checks are still issued by authorities to check whether a domain bind to a server is ICP licensed or not, regardless of the service port.

    There's currently NO absolutely-safe-harbour inside mainland China, so buying a Chinese VPS is extremely risky, and your server and data may be suspended or even seized for no reason.

  • yywudiyywudi Member
    edited October 2013

    brand change from pzea to fedvps?

  • LOL @ FedVPS. So you're the feds? xD

  • XSXXSX Member, Host Rep

    @MorningIris said:
    Pricing $18/Monthly? do you know how to read?

    sorry, I forgot rules.

  • kyakykyaky Member
    edited October 2013

    @Pzea said:
    sorry, I forgot rules.

    it's not "you forgot rules" it's "you have no clue about what the rule is"
    别闹了好吗, 天朝大局域网还在这里发。(Network from China is a sort of National LAN not WAN, please don't...) GFW is watching you.

  • XSXXSX Member, Host Rep

    @kyaky 切克闹, This information has been removed, the second time I forgot the rules, is really not intentional.

  • huhu

  • StarryStarry Member, Host Rep
    edited October 2013

    Come here to get a lowend Chinese KVM VPS :)

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