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Kimsufi dedicated vs. Time4vps Storage VPS - What are the difference?
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Kimsufi dedicated vs. Time4vps Storage VPS - What are the difference?

okpxokpx Member

What are the difference between them? Their price ranges are usually same.
I need some real experience from here.
Time4vps storage servers looks less cpu imho.


  • Shot2Shot2 Member

    Real experience: cancelled TimeVPS, went with Kimsufi. Dedi > OpenVZ.

  • I'd take the Kimsufi between those. Dedicated disk, unmetered bandwidth, etc. CPU probably won't be as good though, unless you're talking about a decent spec Kimsufi.

  • NeoonNeoon Member, Community Contributor
    edited July 2018

    OVZ is the budget class of virtualizations, often a lot of users on a single node.

    So yea, performance can be good, medium or trash.

    Some hosts care about performance, some do not, if they sell you something cheap, you end up on a node with a lot of users and if they not really care to fix shit, you be fucked.

    I bought some vps's from blackfriday, Some of them, are already running empty, because the performance was trash. I do not wanna say, that vps's are trash, some of mine are decent for like 10$/y but, there is also a lot of trash outside.

    So If you want to remove the risks, of getting degraded performance by other users, get yourself a dedicated server.

  • Time4VPS's staff members are hot af (assuming that's not a random stock photo), holy shit

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  • Shot2Shot2 Member

    @JohnMiller92 said:
    Time4VPS's staff members are hot af (assuming that's not a random stock photo), holy shit

    Unfortunately they are much more expensive than their high-end servers. Cheap ones are out of stock and hardly transferable.

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  • ariq01ariq01 Member


  • Waldo19Waldo19 Member
    edited July 2018

    if only I could grab a few of those $5 dedis from kimsufi. :/

    Wheres VortexNode when you need them?

  • seanhoseanho Member

    T4V are actually in stock, as opposed to KS. T4V on sale are cheaper per TB than KS. T4V have RAID (but no backups). If you want to do seedboxing, stick with KS. T4V limits the IOPS to protect your neighbors. They are a reputable provider; they are much smaller than OVH and will take care of you.

    SYS Arm is competitive with T4V's promo pricing, but hard to find in stock.

  • vishvish Member
    edited July 2018

    For me, dedi always better than vm. Being out of stock is also a good indicator of value.

    Also, the network it’s on usually plays a large part of the decision process

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  • I prefer dedicated servers, too. My special edition servers are beautiful and I wouldn't trade them for anything besides more special edition servers.

    No kimsufi, though. It's 2018 and you have to manually renew your servers? No, thanks! With OVH it's generally super annoying that the servers are never in stock.

    VPS providers (and the server that you end up on) are hit or miss.

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