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Hdhomerun hosting?
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Hdhomerun hosting?

Is there such a thing in US? Basically a company that provide hdhomerun hosted so that we can stream it over VPN or via plex.

Example :

So it would be great if there's a company in US that host hdhomerun and then I can connect that to my local plex server, or plex server in a vps and watch and record US tv


  • FoulFoul Member

    I looked before for a solution, and was unable to find anything in the US. Would be neat to know if others have found such a host that provides this!

  • Better bet to just grab an IPTV service. Any type of service like this is going to be cost-prohibitive because of the nature of needing a residential connection.

  • stormstorm Member

    There was a company called Aereo that tried that, but was shut down for violating copyright law. Google it if you care to know more. Basically, you are either going to have to host your own HDHomeRun or go with a paid streaming service.

  • freerangecloudfreerangecloud Member, Patron Provider

    You could roll your own if you find a DC that rents roof space to you, load up a tuner card in a 1U server and stick a CM4221 or similar antenna on the roof. It's likely to be fairly cost prohibitive though, unless you were already planning to colo some gear there.

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