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Offering Hetzner EX41-SSD to transfer
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Offering Hetzner EX41-SSD to transfer

v3ngv3ng Member, Patron Provider


Since I switched to a larger server I have no need for my EX41-SSD anymore.

The server has an Core i7 7700, 32GB RAM, 2x 500GB SSDs, 1Gbit, 30TB traffic and costs € 39 (excl VAT) per month.
The server also has an /29 IPv4 subnet but it can be cancelled if it isn't needed.

The regular setup fee of this server is 79€.

The server is paid until 25.07.18 and I would like to have around 50€.



  • FoulFoul Member
    edited July 2018

    v3ng said: Regards

    You're aware hetzner has no setup fees right now right on other servers like EX41S / EX51-ssd

  • v3ngv3ng Member, Patron Provider

    yes, but not this model.


    I have an auction server from Hetzner. Could you tell me please the difference between ex 41 for instance and a similar one from the auction: connection realobility, hardware, overall quality perhaps, better connection or maybe premium ...

    Thank you

  • v3ngv3ng Member, Patron Provider

    The auction normally consists of more older servers.
    Connection, quality etc. is the same.

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  • YuraYura Member

    The server expires in 9 days and you want 50 euros? Oh ok.

  • v3ngv3ng Member, Patron Provider
    edited July 2018

    This includes the setup fee (94€ incl VAT), the remaining days and the costs of an /29 IPv4 subnet.

    I think this is a fair price.
    But I maybe can go down to 40€.

  • v3ngv3ng Member, Patron Provider

    Can be closed, the server has been transferred

  • MasonRMasonR Member, Community Contributor

    Cheers! Thanks for the server :)

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