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Front Range Hosting - Denver/Atlanta OVZ VPS from 1.50/mo KVM VPS (Den Only) From 3.00/mo
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Front Range Hosting - Denver/Atlanta OVZ VPS from 1.50/mo KVM VPS (Den Only) From 3.00/mo

2 Years in Business and Counting!

Here's our latest offer from Front Range Hosting.

10% Off for Paying Quarterly or longer and an additional 10% off for using code FRH10

We offer a 7 day money back guarantee and have thousands of satisfied customers.

Use code FRH10 for 10% off any VPS below. Get an additional 10% for paying quarterly or longer payments!

You can see list of ISO's and Templates via the order form, it's continually being updated. Latest OS updates for Ubuntu/Debian/CentOS are always available as soon as we know they're out of beta. We can add official ISO/Templates or Turnkey ISO/Templates on request.

Denver TestIP (
Atlanta (

Live Chat Sales and Support now available!

We accept Paypal, Credit Cards, and BitCoin. With instant setup. 7 Day Money Back Guarantee

REMEMBER! Prices are discounted after you click "Add to Cart"


TypeDedicated RAM vSwapDiskBandwidth CouponPer Month
OpenVZ128MB128MB5GB SSD Cached256GBFRH10$1.50
OpenVZ256MB256MB10GB SSD Cached512GBFRH10$2.50
OpenVZ512MB512MB20GB SSD Cached1TBFRH10$5.00
OpenVZ1GB1GB40GB SSD Cached2TBFRH10$7.00


TypeDedicated RAM vCPUDiskBandwidth CouponPer Month
KVM384MB2vCPU22GB SSD Cached768GBFRH10$3.00
KVM512MB2vCPU30GB SSD Cached1TBFRH10$5.00
KVM768MB2vCPU44GB SSD Cached1.5TBFRH10$6.00

Larger plans available.

We also have Anycast DNS Services - Up to 100 Domains for 6.00/mo or 1.00/mo for 10 domains. We can do larger domain plans as well. API Available.

Content Delivery Network with over 110 global locations. .10 per GB covers North America, Europe, some parts of Eastern Europe, .20 for Asia/Oceania (India East to New Zeland, Australia North to Russia.)

All Plans Feature
24x7x365.25 Support, were even here for leap seconds!
SSD Accelerated Nodes
Gigabit Connectivity
SolusVM Management Console
Native IPv6
Fast 24 Core Intel Xeon Nodes
ASN 54856/We Own our OWN IP Addresses!
Free DNS Management + RDNS v4&v6
Colorado Registered Business in Good Standing
Verisign Trusted & Tested Daily!
EV SSL Protected Shopping Cart, Accept Credit Cards, Paypal, 2 Checkout, and Amazon Checkout

Denver TestIP (
Atlanta (


  • WorldWorld Veteran
    edited October 2013

    Hello,Corey.I have a VPS in FRH-HOST,and i opened a ticket,i can saw your reply,you told me "try to 1..****",but i already told you this ip maybe blocked in GFW for many times,and i tried to do that for many times.

  • Reply to that ticket and tell me specifically which IP is blocked I think it's a little confusing since 2 ip's are talked about.

  • StarryStarry Member, Host Rep

    Why do you use both whmcs and hostbill- -?

  • @FRCorey said:
    Reply to that ticket and tell me specifically which IP is blocked I think it's a little confusing since 2 ip's are talked about.

    Hello,i already reply ticket,please read it.

  • @Jylee said:
    Why do you use both whmcs and hostbill- -?

    Looks his old customers in whmcs,and new customers in hostbill.

  • emgemg Veteran

    I have had a KVM VPS from Front Range Hosting for nearly a year. Service and support have been great. My VPS has been running continuously since last March. I highly recommend them - a great value!

    Disclaimer - No affiliation with Front Range Hosting, other than as a satisfied customer.

  • Edo I'm not clairvoyant I cant figure out who you are in my system from your username here or just PM me the IP. You're not the only customer getting blocked by the chinese fw.

  • We are working on a migration into hostbill it's a huge project to get it right. So legacy customers are using WHMCS and new clients are directed into hostbill.

  • is ipv6 already available in Atlanta?

  • IPv6 is a work in progress in Atlanta

  • I/O for KVMs seem slow. Can someone provide the result of a 512MB-1GIG vm?

  • @hdpixel were migrating into new all SSD nodes that will end the KVM IO issues for good.

  • @FRCorey I will look forward for SSD nodes. LA area preferred---closer than Denver. :)

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