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WordPress File Delete to Code Execution
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WordPress File Delete to Code Execution


Lately i have been working hard to migrate our clients from vestacp which got hacked twice to virtualmin, its port was already temporary blocked until further notice and i have finally decided to give our clients some old virutalmin instead and while doing so i have found this

Lucky, you must have an account to execute this vuln else it would have been a disaster to every live WordPress.

Temp fix in your theme functions.php place this hook.

add_filter( 'wp_update_attachment_metadata', 'rips_unlink_tempfix' );


function rips_unlink_tempfix( $data ) {
if( isset($data['thumb']) ) {
$data['thumb'] = basename($data['thumb']);


return $data;

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  • Yup, IIRC from a post, they knew about this since long time but haven't released a patch yet.

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  • update your WordPress guys, the issue has been fixed.

    WordPress versions 4.9.6 and earlier are affected by a file deletion issue where a user with the capability to edit and delete media files could potentially manipulate media metadata to attempt to delete files outside the uploads directory.

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