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Varnish bandwidth useage log
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Varnish bandwidth useage log

dnwkdnwk Member

Is it possible in Varnish to log the bandwidth use by domain? How to configure it?

If varnish cannot do this task, is there any alternative?


  • What if I put a NGINX in front of Varnish? Will that make it easier?

  • Ng+var is very common on high loaded servers or hardcore wordpress sites getting digg'd

  • dnwkdnwk Member
    edited October 2013

    So, the question is how do I monitor per vhost bandwidth usage in NGINX?

  • well you are running ng on top of apache so... pretty much the same thing youve been doing assuming your using a correct setup everything still hits apache, ng is just a proxy

  • No. NG hits varnish then go to whatever places. So I need to know exactly how much bandwidth goes out of Nginx to user

  • Since you've put nginx in front of varnish, you could try using the munin plugin

  • @tchen said:
    Since you've put nginx in front of varnish, you could try using the munin plugin

    I tried. It did not work well. Too many bugs. Also, it show you current bandwidth usage. It did not show cumulative. So there is no way for you to know how much bandwidth it used last month or the one before.

  • tchentchen Member
    edited October 2013

    @dnwk As a follow up, you might want to consider logstash/statsd monitoring. I think you could collect varnishlog via lumberjack and extract the bytes transferred given the request host. Totally in the idea stage only, as I was playing with logstash lately and remembered your plight.

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