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Single drive to RAID 1 (Software RAID)
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Single drive to RAID 1 (Software RAID)

feezioxiiifeezioxiii Member, Host Rep

Have anyone tried to add a newly bought drive with an already running drive to create RAID 1 using software RAID (Supermicro) without data loss? Is it possible?

Any answer is highly appreciated!


  • raindog308raindog308 Administrator, Veteran

    I don't know if you can convert a drive in place, but otherwise:

    1. Take a backup!

    2. Create a new RAID-1 array with the new drive. It'll start in degraded mode because it's "missing" a drive.

    3. Copy everything from old to new

    4. Nuke old and pretend it's a replacement for the "failed drive" in the RAID-1 array, attach it, and let it sync up

    Thanked by 1feezioxiii
  • First-RootFirst-Root Member, Host Rep
    • Boot an rescue system
    • create an raid array on the new disk with an missing member
    • copy the system from your old disk to the new raid
    • adjust bootmanager
    • boot new system
    • create raid layout on the old disk and add it to the raid array
    Thanked by 1feezioxiii
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