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Looking for dedicated server with fast activation (IPMI)
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Looking for dedicated server with fast activation (IPMI)

drivexdrivex Member
edited June 2018 in Requests

Hello! I‘m looking for a dedicated server (no OVH, Online, UK, Germany, US) which can be delivered in the next 24 hours, maybe even instant. Offers from LET providers welcome, i support smaller companies too ;) IPMI is a must have (best behind a VPN network). Budget around 60 dollars.

E3 or better

8GB or better

SAS/HDD/SSDs x2 for SW Raid 1 (500GB +)

100mbps /1Gbps connectivity with at least 10TB and DDOs protection (optional)

1 IP & /64 IPv6 subnet

Installation will be done through IPMI by myself

Any suggestions?


  • qpsqps Member, Host Rep
  • drivexdrivex Member

    Do you have servers outside US? ;)

  • qpsqps Member, Host Rep

    drivex said: Do you have servers outside US? ;)

    No, we have servers in Charlotte, NC, Los Angeles, CA, and Chicago, IL.

  • ZareZare Member, Host Rep

    Aww, whats wrong with UK! :)

  • ClouviderClouvider Member, Patron Provider

    @Jack said:
    Edit: I think I read that wrong, I thought you said no OVH and then you wanted it to be in the others.

    Thanks for the mention though :). Yes, of course we're happy to help with a quickly provisioned server with IPMI, but in this case, unfortunately, we can't help as UK is excluded :(.

    Again, thanks a lot! :)

  • terrahostterrahost Member, Patron Provider

    Hello there,

    We can do the following in Norway:
    Intel Xeon E3-1245 3.3GHz
    16GB DDR3 RAM
    1 x 120GB SSD
    2 x 1TB SATA

    1 IPv4
    /48 IPv6
    15TB @ 1Gbps

    IPMI available through our control panel Enigma. Server can be activated for you in less than 12 hours.

    For 69 USD / month. Will need to create the order manually. PM me for details if you are interested.

  • GTHostGTHost Member, Patron Provider

    We can offer you instant servers in Canada (Toronto) from $49/mo

    E3-1265Lv3, 16GB, 120GB SSD or 1TB HDD, IPMI, 200M Unmetered - $49/mo

    No setup fees. Ready in 5-15 mins after payment. Month to month.

  • qpsqps Member, Host Rep

    Jack said: I think I read that wrong

    Yeah, as did I. I thought OVH was the only no when I read it the first time.

  • wavecomaswavecomas Member, Host Rep

    We can offer HP ProLiant BL460 G7 server in Estonia for 57.00 EUR ~ 66 USD. Instant provision, HPE ILO remote management.

    Data center located in Tallinn, Estonia was finished in 2018 and is designed to meet TIER 3 specifications.

    More info about the data center:

    HP ProLiant BL460 G7 INSTANT

    • Xeon® L5638 6 core HT 2 GHz
    • 16 GB ECC RAM
    • 2x300 GB 10K SAS drives
    • HPE Smart Array P410i/ 512MB Raid
    • 1 Gbit/s Network connectivity
    • 4 IP subnet in private VLAN
    • HPE ILO remote management
    • GLBP gateway protection
    • Instant activation

    Price: 57€/month 66 USD/month using COUPON CODE LETVPS20


    1 month free for semi-annual and 2 months FREE for annual orders. Discounts for quarterly orders.

    We accept following payement methods: Credit cards (VISA, Mastercard), Bitcoin, PayPal, BankLink and wire transfer.

    Our servers are housed in our brand new datacenter in Tallinn, Estonia finished in 2018.
    We spared no expense when designing and constructing the new center. Only Schneider Electric/APC equipment has been used.


    Three separate fibre-optic cables, with a transmission speed of 60Gbit/s, run from the data centre to Estonia’s most important communication centres.
    Just in case, the optic cables are backed up by a network of ultra-high-speed radio links.

    There are three Cisco Nexus Data Center switches in the data centre, with an expansion module in each cabinet
    that is connected to a 2 x 10 Gbit base system. The minimal speed of each client’s port is 1 Gbit/s.

    WaveCom AS is connected to Gogent and Citic Telecom global networks as well as Tallinn Internet Exchange RTIX.


    Electrical power comes from two different substations that are connected to Schneider Galaxy UPS units located in separate power rooms.
    In the unlikely event that both substations should break down, a generator will take over.

    Climate control

    For cooling we use an innovative multi-layered Schneider system, in which the water circulated for cooling is, in turn, cooled by the outdoor temperature.

    The cooling is made even more efficient by the fact that the cabinets are installed in a Schneider APC modular system. Enclosed cold air corridors are used,
    from which the server cabinets pull in cold air. The warm air is expelled behind the cabinet into a warm air corridor
    and from there it is directed out of the room for re-cooling.

    Security & monitoring

    Our ultramodern access system includes fingerprint and finger vein ID as well as facial recognition.
    Every possible corner is covered with digital, microwave and infrared sensors, and, with the help of facial recognition,
    the modern system makes sure that people only move in the areas of the building where they are permitted.
    The entire area is covered with an automatic gaseous fire suppression that is harmless to people and servers.
    The security system meets FBI quality assurance standards.

    Our redundant monitoring system with more then 500 sensors continuously monitors humidity, dew point, temperatuure,
    airflow and every ohter component in data center. The smart monitoring robot reports any problems by phone.
    Schneider Datacenter management software can visualize the data center on a 3D map,
    which enables running "what if" analyses.

    Read more about the data center:

    To see the full list of WaveCom AS offers, please visit our website

    WaveCom has been in business since 2001. We offer web hosting, cloud servers, dedicated servers, colocation and VOIP.

    We are not re-sellers! All the servers are located in our data center in Estonia. (Tallinn)

    Customer service in English, Russian and Estonian languages.

    NB! All prices exclude VAT tax!! Estonian residents will be billed with VAT20%, EU residents with valid VAT registry ID will be billed with 0 % VAT. All others EU residents will be billed with home country VAT.
    All non-Estonian and non-EU residents will be billed with 0% VAT.

    More photos of our data center:

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