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Established VPS business for sale
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Established VPS business for sale

ta3866928ta3866928 Member
edited June 2018 in General

Hello all,

I have an established VPS business for sale "Been featured on LowEndBox few times with outstanding reputation :)". I created this temp account for the purpose of selling. The service is in USA West Coast and all the hardware is owned. I am not desperate and will happily keep it operating if I don't get a reasonable offer. I am expecting a newborn very soon and would like to focus more on my family.

The sale includes:

  • 10 high performance servers
  • 2 Enterprise Routers
  • 2 1GB 48 port enterprise switches
  • 2 10GB 16 port enterprise switches
  • 1 Synology RackStation (rs18016xs+ model) with 80TB storage and 10GB network card
  • 815 users (254 active right now - some have multiple services)
  • Mix of VPS and Web Hosting users
  • Business name
  • Custom Website and Portal

More details will be given out to serious inquires only.

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  • BlaZeBlaZe Member, Host Rep
  • RadiRadi Member, Host Rep
  • randvegetarandvegeta Member, Host Rep

    I'm quite interested. Do you have further details you can share publicly or PM / email only?

  • $7

  • ta3866928 said: 1 Synology RackStation (rs18016xs+ model) with 80TB storage and 10GB network card


    i can host a lot of porn isos there...

  • Just in time for summertime.

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  • deankdeank Member, Troll

    We have, what, 2 or 3 months to go?

  • Just to add a bit more to this to weed out "not so serious" inquires, however, not sure why software is a main concern when you can just use all the hardware to migrate to any other solution if needed!

    • Billing panel is WHMCS
    • VPS panel is SolusVM with KVM plans
    • Web Hosting and Reseller is cPanel/WHM
    • Owned IPv6 /36 subnet will be included
    • All current IPv4 is rented from colo and I don't own any

    • Asking range is going to be in the 25k range which is basically just all the hardware costs.

  • BradyHBradyH Member, Host Rep

    What DC is your colo in? Are you in a contract on colo

  • I'm not a USA citizen. Can I still buy them even when I don't live in USA?

  • verpexverpex Member

    If you could also lay out what the revenue is, may give a rough guide :)

    You've been PM'd. Looking to hear back..

  • ta3866928 said: 10 high performance servers

    Could you kindly elaborate on the server specs?

  • BharatBBharatB Member, Host Rep
    edited June 2018

    @ta3866928 can you send more details to bharat[at] ?

  • "10 high performance servers" - I'm interested. Can you please post in public/pm as what are the specs for these servers (cpu/ram)?

  • Pending sale

  • BharatBBharatB Member, Host Rep

    @ta3866928 said:
    Pending sale

    Pending information, please mail

  • IonSwitch_StanIonSwitch_Stan Member, Host Rep

    10 high performance servers

    I'd be interested in discussing if you (or a buyer) wants to sell some of these.

  • Don't mean to Necro a thread but you still selling @ta3866928 ?

  • I intend to build a Website in USA. Could you please give me your Website for me to look for more details? Thanks

  • buyer disappeared so I guess the offer is back on the table. Im leaning toward keeping and operating the business the best I can. Here are some more info:

    • I have added 5 more low end servers - these servers are not yet utilized since they were just added yesterday

    • I can throw in IPv4 /24 and IPv6 /36 subnets for extra

    • asking price is really just asking for all the costs of the hardware plus you will get the rest of the business, custom website, and most importantly, happy users.

    • Revenue is in the $1200+/Month with the current pricing but again, I am only asking for the costs of the hardware.

    Asking price is still in the $25k range without the new servers and IP subnets. Adding both IP subnets and the new servers will hit the 30K price range.

  • toshosttoshost Member, Host Rep

    @qps Check it.

  • Someone hurry up and buy then offer cheap vps

  • qpsqps Member, Host Rep

    toshost said: Check it

    Thanks for thinking of us, but not interested.

  • I've worked with companies who have sold and can assist you if you want to retry this later on down the road. I see some things that could turn off prospective buyers.

  • armandorgarmandorg Member, Host Rep

    I’m interested aswell, could i get more details in PM if possible?

    Regards, Armand

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