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Have zero experience with private clouds - where do I start?
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Have zero experience with private clouds - where do I start?


So as the title states, I have zero experience with any sort of open source IaaS cloud providers - openstack, opennebula, the likes.

I wanted to get started with the OS training labs but I don't really have the resources (locally) to get started. How would I go about doing this on a dedicated server? What specifications would you recommend?

Any advice would be great. My end game would be to spin up VMs and tear them down as I please, keeping one or two VMs in place (RHS/vSphere practice) at all times.


  • When I was messing with Azure Pack along with System Center a few years back, I had two nodes with at least 32GB of RAM and an AMD Desktop Bulldozer CPU installed on each of them.

    Nowadays you can get a machine with that kind of RAM easily on the cheap if you know what you're looking for. I'd say two machine with at least 32GB or possibly even more and either shared storage between the two nodes might be in order for an IaaS setup.

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