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Web filtering gateway
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Web filtering gateway

AkitoAkito Member
edited June 2018 in Help

Hi guys,

I've got a private guest network running on a separate VLAN as to somehow obstruct contact with the rest of my network.
This guest network provides internet access but I want to filter it so unwanted stuff like p*rn and other shit can't be accessed.
I've found Dansguardian doing a great job, but this means internet access won't be possible until users have set up the proxy settings and I don't want them having to do such thing.
Is there any open source application that can do this filtering being the gateway? Or have I missed an option in Dansguardian that would also allow this?


  • fazarfazar Member

    enable ipv4 forward on gateway then use transparent proxy using nat?

  • AkitoAkito Member

    Darn why I didn't think of that. Thanks, I think I can work it out from here!

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