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help suggesting a solution - 5 servers needed
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help suggesting a solution - 5 servers needed

quadequade Member
edited June 2018 in Help

i'm currently with a uk VPS host, but have had a bunch of issues lately, they gave my IP address to someone else (gave it back eventually but it caused us a headache), then 2 hardware failures with a day of down time in 1 month.

So I'm looking to move, and I have been trialing windows servers on digital ocean as their pricing is good, and just found which also looks cheap

Its an asset tracking saas product that is used internationally, so there is no "overnight" or acceptable down time
some assets are in african countries where security is important, so i need a very reliable solution, which has good 24 hr support with quick turn around times

I would also like to use my own licences for windows and sql server to reduce costs (hence me looking at an ubuntu image converted to windows on DO)

i currently have the following servers which can all talk to each other on a lan for speed

  1. db server (32gb ram, 6 core xenon, 250gb disk)
  2. gateway (8gb ram, 8 cores, 50gb disk)
  3. web server (4gb ram, 6 cores, 50gb disk) - i would like an ssd here if possible
  4. vss server (4gb ram, 6 cores, 50gb disk) - this can be 2gb and 2 cores
  5. geo coding **linux **server (32gb ram, 8 cores, 800gb disk)

If i could have some sort of firewall / port forwarding where i can route certain ports to different servers, that would really help with future expansion plans

I liked DO as it has cool features like load balancing, however, i'm not if that even works when the droplets are hacked to run windows

I've been looking at ovh dedi servers and private cloud, but my only experience has been with VPS and colo, so open to advice here, i'm looking for a solution that will make upgrades simple and easy, and not a one man band solution.

As for budget, the DO solution was coming in at approx $350, but i'm not really looking for quotes, but suggestions on solutions and providers - i'm currently looking at VPS solutions as thats all i know
Location is currently london, so may as well stick with that, or close by
let me know if you have questions
thanks for your time


  • AnthonySmithAnthonySmith Member, Patron Provider
    edited June 2018

    Sounds like the best bet would be to get a beefy dedicated server an EPYC based perhaps or 2 smaller E3's and split it up in to VMs with ESX and use the virtual appliance router, you could probably get something suitable at @clouvider's place within budget and that's on a premium network with DDOS protection.

    That said it sounds like you want a managed redundancy so that may cost a bit extra, perhaps he could sort out some SAN storage and compute nodes?

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  • jsgjsg Member, Resident Benchmarker

    Assuming that you are talking about V-cores and not dedicated cores my advice would be to get a dedicated server with memory > 64GB and 2*1TB disks and to run your own VMs.

    @Hetzner_OL for example offers a 24 core AMD Epyc, 128 GB memory, and 2 * 960 GB NVME disks with even some DDOS protection.

    Adding a /29 with 6 useable IPs and even 1 TB backup would cost just a little more than half of what you pay now.

    Maybe there is even a special offer and of course some other providers might have similar offers.

  • vmhausvmhaus Member, Top Host, Host Rep
    edited June 2018

    @quade, We might be able to provide you some custom solutions with our latest AMD Epyc platform in London UK.

    VMHaus has recently deployed multiple Epyc nodes with high memory capacity, we could spread all the servers to multiple nodes and put all of them into a single VLAN. All your servers can run on private IPs within your vlan with a vps instance acting as the gateway for forwarding public ips/ports to any server within your vlan.

    Support wise, we have sysadmins located in two timezones, UK and Asia.

    Honestly speaking, this would be more of a custom solutions with our team assisting in the setup manually as its not something we currently offer to the public.

    Let us know if youre interested and we’ll work something out.

    Some additional info on our London facility:-

    • Located in Telehouse North 2
    • We provide pure NVMe only cloud servers
    • We operate our own network(AS136620) with transits from @Clouvider(AS62240) and @Cogent(AS174)
    • We are directly peered with hundred of content providers on LINX and LoNAP
    • Our AMD Epyc nodes runs on 10g network, the network speeds in between your instances would also be at 10g speed

  • AlexBarakovAlexBarakov Member, Patron Provider

    I would highly suggest in going with dedicated servers, instead of VPS. Considering you have a reasonable budget (by the looks of it), shoot @Clouvider a message and I am pretty sure you will sign up with him, after a discussion.

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  • In this scenario cloud solution would be more reasonable. So aws all the way. Especially when expecting 99.999% uptime. Don't go cheap on production

  • quadequade Member

    Thanks Guys
    AWS for windows VM's are very expensive, beyond what we can currently afford due to our pricing model... perhaps in time.

    I've been looking at OVH, kimsufi, Digital Ocean, Vultr

    Vultr seem to be suited as I can load my own ISO's, can anyone comment on their service
    Will be sure to look at the other options suggested too

  • RadiRadi Member, Host Rep
    edited June 2018

    Location is strict UK?

    We may be able to custom build something for you, but not in UK. We have good support with quick turnaround times.

  • jsgjsg Member, Resident Benchmarker

    Must be in UK? @Clouvider, end of search.

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  • quadequade Member

    Doesn't have to be in uk, but would prefer Europe

  • Mr_TomMr_Tom Member, Host Rep

    Can I ask which UK provider you were/are with at the minute?

  • joepie91joepie91 Member, Patron Provider
    edited June 2018

    @LTniger said:
    In this scenario cloud solution would be more reasonable. So aws all the way. Especially when expecting 99.999% uptime. Don't go cheap on production

    Huh? Individual AWS services absolutely don't have good uptime at all.

    EDIT: And the reason AWS is expensive is not because it is of higher quality; it's because they can afford to charge it.

  • ZareZare Member, Host Rep

    Pop us a message at [email protected] and we can figure out a solution for you. We are very flexible on all aspects of our hosting.

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