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KVM VPS in Berlin, Germany
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KVM VPS in Berlin, Germany

VZ Type: KVM

Number of Cores: 1


Disk space: minimum 10GB

Disk type: it does not matter

Bandwidth: minimum 1TB (there should be an option to buy additional bandwidth.)

port speed: 1Gbps

DDoS protection: it does not matter

Number of IPs: 1 IPv4, IPv6 it does not matter

Location: Berlin, Germany

Budget: Affordable

Billing period: Monthly or Quarterly

Payment method: Only VISA credit/debit card. (No paypal, no paypal credit card payment terminal, no cryptocurrencies, no paysafecard, no bullshit.)

Strato AG gives 100Mbps connection speed, do not suggest it.


  • I'm waiting.

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  • lionlion Member

    Not happening

  • Take a look at Hetzner Cloud, they are in Germany but not Berlin specifically.

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  • FalzoFalzo Member

    there isn't much in terms of 'Berlin' datacenters anyway, so like

    lion said: Not happening

  • lionlion Member

    Only way I see is to contact the folks over @ but they won't most likely won't do it too.

  • blackjack4494blackjack4494 Member
    edited June 2018

    Send me a pm. Berlin is kinda pricey. There are very few Hoster who offer vps there for a lower price than 100€ and some require you to either be a german citizen or have a contact address.

    ~10€/m (only 12m contract SEPA)
    If Xen is okay, there is IPv4+6, 25GB Space, 1vCPU, 2GB RAM+ 2GB SWAP, 1TB/m -> 10mbit/s afterwards as I know there should be an option to buy more traffic but no information how expensive. ~100mbps maybe option to upgrade on 1gbps
    And 1gbps port will be difficult. There is one hoster who is offering 1gbps on vps but that vps costs 149€/m and is capped with 3TB.

    ~25€/m (no vat) + 7,5€/m ipv4 + 25€ setup (if you go for 1month)
    Another offer I know of (prolly KVM) 20GB SAS, 1vCore (Host is Xeon E5 2620 v4 with 2,1Ghz), 2GB RAM, 1gbps 95/5 percentile 10mbit/s -> 3,24TB/m (20mbit/s for +59€/m)
    NO IPv4 (nor 6) is included they offer you one ipv4 for 7,5€/m (more possible) and for ipv6 only /108 for 25€/m :D

    Those two are the ones under 100€.

    Maybe you can tell us the reason why berlin in specific

  • @parca_ne said:
    Strato AG gives 100Mbps connection speed, do not suggest it.

    Actually Strato is having 500mbps/1gbps

    You just need to go for better packages

  • Provider not found.

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