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What virtualisation do you prefer?
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What virtualisation do you prefer?

daimonbdaimonb Member
edited August 2011 in General

wondering what systems you would prefer to see being used?


  • KVM.

    Its simple, supports nearly any OS, and has a decent performance considering its full virtualisation, although is filled with bugs.

  • The one best for the job. Since I can control the outcome of the nodes performance, that doesn't factor at all, and OpenVZ is better for most small tasks, but KVM when OpenVZ can't do it.

  • For basic things I prefer OpenVZ, setup is faster and more simple.
    For speed and more complex/demanding tasks, KVM.
    Xen PV worked OK for me but I don't have much experience with it...

  • ok expanding on this what do you associate doing with each virtualisation,

    I.e openvz + cpanel = shared hosting

  • I just stick with Xen and say the heck with it.

  • This thread is pointless. It's like asking, "What is your favorite fruit?" Every person will have a favorite fruit for every possible venue/event.

  • I guess it depends on the purpose. What I like about "Linux VServer" is that you can share ressources using hard-links. This way you can get an isolated running VPS with about 40-100 MB space. I also like OpenVZ for the fact that you have direct access to the systems ressources (disk, cpu, except network). In the end I'm getting used to Xen now which is also quite nice because I can do a completely encrypted LVM.

  • @rajprakash pointless maybe but have no support tickets to answer so am bored and why not ask it? creates a conversation even now we are discussing a pointless thread but had it not been for this pointless thread me n u might not have even had a conversation. Ranting now ill shut up lol


  • tuxtux Member
    edited August 2011

    XEN or KVM

  • @daimonb : True story! Pleasure to meet ya. I suppose this thread made me a new contact :)

  • see not pointless at all. :)

  • If the specs/location/price/provider is the same or it's a low RAM VPS, KVM or Xen. Yum has issues with less than 256mb (burst) ram on OpenVZ.

  • It's not pointless unless it starts with "I need a VPS. Can someone suggest one?"

  • For traditional LAMP stuff, OpenVZ is fast and does the job well without wasting resources.

    For VPN and any Linux flavors that may require kernel modules I'd go with Xen-PV. Speed is almost as good as OpenVZ.

    KVM for FreeBSD and Windows

    Xen-HVM for Windows

  • Xen with PVgrub or KVM much better.

    Its a pain to run an Arch box on OpenVZ.

  • If you are a hosting provider and want to over sell then OpneVZ is good and you can edit resources on the fly but no VNC and windows os support

    and in XEN you can use VNC and also install Windows os but no overselling and to modify resources like RAM you need to restart the container.

    every thing is good in it's place you just have to decide what is good for you.

  • I stopped using Xen a while ago. For basic things I'm using OpenVZ. Everything else is KVM :)

  • KVM or Xen or ESXi.

    Absolutely hate OpenvZ/Virtuozzo.

  • At the end of the day you really can't beat VMware. The overhead is high, they are picky about the hardware and it's expensive but it just works all the time and works well.

  • I believe most of new customers as well as a lot of veterans with VPS, prefers OVZ. I'm one who entered virtualization world through OVZ ( as a client, not provider) , and I keep using it as my best choice, it does all what I need, great for budget offers, and almost all providers offers it. What more I need? If KVM becomes the new standard sometime and almost everyone starts to offer it, more and more competitive offers as well appears, I will be forced to consider it seriously, whereas now if I get a KVM or XEN it's only for test purpose for me.

  • jhjh Member

    As a provider, I hate Xen, but I can understand why customers like it.

  • InfinityInfinity Member, Host Rep

    jtodd said: As a provider, I hate Xen, but I can understand why customers like it.

    Hehe, you prefer OVZ?

  • jhjh Member

    Yeah, definitely. On CentOS 6 (barring the latest kernel bug), it is pretty much the ideal virtualisation.

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