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AlphaVPS - High RAM 4GB VPS @ 5EUR in 5 locations | KVMs | Dual E5 dedicated servers
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AlphaVPS - High RAM 4GB VPS @ 5EUR in 5 locations | KVMs | Dual E5 dedicated servers

AlexBarakovAlexBarakov Member, Patron Provider

AlphaVPS - offering affordable, yet reliable, OpenVZ and KVM, Virtual Private Servers for everyone.

Here are 15 reasons why you should choose us:
- Founded in 2013, from people with strong knowledge and experience in the web hosting and IT-related services
- Registered company within the EU, with number 202826767, under the name DA International Group Ltd. in Bulgaria
- In-house support team, based in our office in Troyan, Bulgaria
- 24/7/365 Support with prompt and straight answers, without any filler responses
- Live chat sales and support, during EU business hours. Phone support available as well.
- Very affordable and competitive pricing
- Only top-grade server hardware used
- Rock solid stability and performance
- Unbelievably good network
- Superb uptime
- 72 hour, no questions asked, refund policy on VPS offerings (Unless resources were abused or a server suspend occurred)
- Completely transparent on power, network, infrastructure or node issues, and great communication during planned or unplanned downtimes.
- Operating own network - AS203380
- IPv6 ready network with IPv6 assigned by default (Excluding LA)
- Choice of many locations - Bulgaria, Germany, United Kingdom, and USA (NY and LA)

Some crazy deals on dedicated servers in Bulgaria, below, which can NOT be used to replace existing services:

Intel Xeon E3-1230
10TB of Bandwidth
1Gbps port
/29 IPv4
/64 IPv6
2x 300GB SAS - 35EUR - ORDER NOW
1x 2TB - 40EUR - ORDER NOW
1x 128GB SSD - 35EUR - ORDER NOW
1x 256GB SSD - 40EUR - ORDER NOW

2x Intel Xeon L5630 (8 cores, 16 Threads)
15TB of Bandwidth
/29 IPv4
/64 IPv6
128GB SSD - 25EUR
256GB SSD - 30EUR

2x Intel Xeon E5-2450L (16 cores, 32 Threads)
15TB of Bandwidth
/29 IPv4
/64 IPv6
256GB SSD - 65EUR

All offerings are exclusive of VAT (if applicable) and are in EUR. The current exchange rate is: 1USD = 0.81EUR

Due the large number of orders, all dedicated server orders may take up to 5 business days to be setup, with billing date adjusted to rectify the delay.

We're having a "random specification" dedicated server offer bellow:
LET Dedicated Special
- CPU: 2x Intel Xeon L5630 or 2x L5520 or 2x E5620 pr 2x E5520
- HDD: 500GB HDD or 1TB HDD or 450GB 15k SAS or 128GB SSD or 2x300GB 15k SAS
- RAM: 16GB
- Port: 1Gbit/s
- IPv4: /29
- IPv6: /64 on request
- Bandwidth: 5TB
- Price: 25EUR per month
- NOTE: You will be setup with a random machine from our overstock inventory, while custom requests are welcome - no promises are made.

OpenVZ High RAM VPS available in Bulgaria, Germany, United Kingdom and LA and NY in the USA
- 4GB Dedicated RAM
- 30GB SSD
- 1TB Bandwith
- 4 Shared CPU Cores
- 1gbps Port
- 1 IPv4 IP
- /64 of IPv6
- UK or BG or DE or NY or LA
- 5EUR per month, recurring

If you need bigger plans, we offer 4GB/5EUR incremental over HERE!

KVM High RAM full SSD VPS available in Bulgaria and United Kingdom
- 2GB Dedicated RAM
- 15GB full SSD (NVMe in UK*)
- 1TB Bandwidth
- 1gbps Port
- 1 IPv4
- /64 of IPv6
- BG or UK
- 5EUR per month, recurring

If you need bigger plans, we offer 2GB/5EUR incremental over HERE!

**NOTE*: NVMe in the UK is an introductory special offer for our KVM series. **

Network information:
- Sofia, Bulgaria @ Telepoint DC - - Native IPv6 available
- London, United Kingdom @ London Enfield 1 facility and Telehouse 2 - DDOS Protected - - Native IPv6 available
- New Jersey, USA @ Choopa's facility in NYC Metro. - DDOS Protected - - Native IPv6 available
- Nuremberg, DE - DDOS Protected - - Native IPv6 available
- Los Angeles, USA @ ColoCrossing - - IPv6 not available


  • Master_BoMaster_Bo Member
    edited April 2018

    2G KVM High RAM in UK, when delivered - are they really NVMe-based ?

     # dd if=/dev/zero of=./largefile bs=1M count=1024
     1024+0 records in
     1024+0 records out
     1073741824 bytes (1.1 GB, 1.0 GiB) copied, 13.6587 s, 78.6 MB/s

    (out of 5 runs, from 69 to 96 MB/s)

    Correspondingly, sequential read was up to 440MB/s.

    For comparison: on my home computer (Corsair Force LS ST4000 SSD drive) the same tests give:

    450MB/s sequential write
    510MB/s sequential read


  • AlexBarakovAlexBarakov Member, Patron Provider

    @Master_Bo - please open a ticket for us to check it out. Def not normal performance.

  • @AlexBarakov said:
    @Master_Bo - please open a ticket for us to check it out. Def not normal performance.

    Did that, thanks.

  • Hello
    Do you guys offer managed vps?
    Do you guys provide any free alternative to cpanel?

  • AlexBarakovAlexBarakov Member, Patron Provider

    @Mikro510 - these offers are unmanaged.

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