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XEN or KVM plans?
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XEN or KVM plans?

AsimAsim Member
edited July 2011 in General

Are there any XEN/KVM quarterly/bi-annually/yearly plans out there? Please advise


  • thekreekthekreek Member
    edited July 2011

    KVM its still new, so its difficult to find a good deal for term of time, most of the offers have been on Xen. A quick search on WHT, didnt provide good results, perhaps someone knows more plans that fit your requirements.

    If remenber correctly AllSimple a while ago made a promo for Xen 128mb, 4gb, for about 15pounds.

    Provider LEB Details Order link
    AllSimple Xen LEB info Order
    Kazila Xen LEB info Order
    Advantagecom Xen LEB info Order

    Edit: order link added.

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  • innyainnya Member

    no one is offering quarterly. curretnly enetsouth is offering 400mb KVM for 6.99. It is by monthly.

  • JoshJosh Member and return a decent number of results and I'm sure most of them would accept quarterly payments. You probably need to check the order forms if it doesn't say it in the listing.

    Is there something specific missing from the offers you see there?

    Thanked by 1Asim
  • miTgiBmiTgiB Member

    @Asim You already are a customer, and you've crawled every nook and cranny of my site, but you may have missed that any package when paid yearly is only charged for 10 months.

    Thanked by 1Asim
  • AsimAsim Member

    Thanks all for your replies especially @thekreek for the order links and the research

    @miTgiB I need small lil xen boxes or kvm boxes for testing my shell scripts (work related). I dont want to use the premium-kvm I have with you ;) also its my personal box not work related :D

    Thanks for the info on yearly payments

  • camargcamarg Member

    why don't you setup virtualbox, vmware server or ... whatever on your own pc ? it will be faster, cheaper and you can use snapshots when you're testing things that could harm the OS. Also you can setup an old pc as xen or kvm server and learn how to administrate a host machine

  • AsimAsim Member

    Well, its going to be used by many development teams actually so the box must have access 24x7. There are three teams in different timezones (working in 8hours shift round the clock) working on the same project so I cannot put it on my system. We dont have a in-house DC but even if we do, its cheaper to just rent those small boxes and give it to the development teams

    Thanks for the suggestions anyway

  • You've got multiple dev teams and you're running a low-end box? Really?

  • AsimAsim Member

    @Parallax yes, I am just a project manager, I don't pay these teams :) got my point now?

  • Just posted AlienVPS's $29/Year 192MB Xen VPS on LowEndBox, available in either New York or Las Vegas.

  • tsctsc Member

    @LowEndAdmin: If I remember correctly, they've had the Xen/KVM offers listed in their plans for a while now, but I'm confused as to why they didn't specifically promote them before.

  • AsimAsim Member

    @LowEndAdmin yes. I got one from AlienVPS and one from ServerDragon, both XEN PVs are cool and stable (may be its too early to tell)

  • I believe BuyVM will be having KVM yearly plans next week.

    Thanked by 1Francisco
  • AsimAsim Member

    @BeyondAllKnowledge Yes I got BuyVM KVM yearly :)

    Thanked by 1Francisco
  • KeithKeith Member
    edited August 2011

    I've just ordered a Ramhost UK 128MB KVM vps!

    BRITISH for a one-off discount

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