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Half-Empty Servers
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Half-Empty Servers

OneTwoOneTwo Member
edited February 2012 in General

Ok, I've got 3 VPS servers.

In the first one I host some sites for me & friends + some services and a game server. The seconds one is for backups only and the third one for mysql backups. (The price was too good to not take it).

I don't know but definitely I don't use them much. What would you suggest me to do? Cancel the third one? Use the 2nd and 3rd for more services, but what could I install?

Edit: I'm although using dedicated servers for serious stuff, but I don't want to host not important sites and services on them.


  • I'm currently in a similair position as you, only with dedicated servers.
    First I just wanted to get some knowledge on how to setup your own vps business. It was much easier then I expected it to be and basically lost interrest. ( was never planning to actually sell ). Now I have 3 dedicated servers basically doing the job that one VPS could do.

    Now I got a VPS with leaseweb and will test them out this week, if this is as good as it looks I will upgrade it to their premium package and just move everything I have there.
    With SOPA maybe coming up I'd much rather be in The Netherlands than in the USA anyway. OVH in France doesn't seem so solid either.

    I even started a free shared hosting site with cPanel, softaculous and basically anything you could ever want, but it doesn't get used by the public.

    What my tip would be to you; just save yourself the time and money to provide for other people and get your own stuff as reliable and optimized as possible. If people want something they'll get it themselfs.

  • use the third one for exclusively game server and the second for exclusviley all backups... first one for the 'sites and some services'

  • Dedicate one to backups and another to a personal VPN, both good uses for LEBs!

  • OneTwoOneTwo Member
    edited February 2012

    @ztec I provide space and site hosting for friends that don't have a clue on how to do it by themselves. I don't really loose anything from it.

    @Corey Good idea but I can't move the game server. The IP will change and I will loose many players. I'm crazy serious for backups as well so 2nd & 3rd going to host backups. Not that I have something important to loose but there have been a lot of work in the sites I host for my friends.

    I want to do something useful with them.

    @vps6net what to do with a vpn? I don't really need it.

  • Nah, actually the VPN was a pretty good idea.

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