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Looking for a very low RAM vps
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Looking for a very low RAM vps

Steve81Steve81 Member
edited August 2011 in General

I'm looking for a vps with 32-64mb guaranteed ram (32 prefered, I don't think that I need more), 1pv4 & 1 ipv6, at least 10gb of hd (in raid will be prefered), 500+gb bw and a nice uptime.

The use of this VPS will be a debian repository, a backup server and an irc bouncer (on ipv6).

I don't consider BuyVM because I prefer a cheaper solution OR a solution with more bw.

Any idea of who can sell that?



  • You want a cheaper solution than BuyVM's $15/year? How much cheaper do you want to go ??? I doubt you will find many cheaper offers that also work.

  • Steve81Steve81 Member
    edited August 2011

    @rds100: I'm searching a machine with a quarter (or half, at most) of that ram and less hd, I'm not asking a discount.
    Also I state that a same price with my required ram and more bw is acceptable.

  • So, why to get less RAM at the same price? Just a whim I guess...

  • @yomero: I don't need 128mb of ram; as I said I need to run a static file webserver (nginx), a bouncer and dropbear (fail2ban also, maybe). And this won't even reach 20mb. I prefer a cheaper price or more bw rather than 96mb of useless (for my needs) ram.

  • InfinityInfinity Member, Host Rep
    edited August 2011

    I don't think you'll get cheaper than $15 per year. is also a nice cheap 'un. Exactly 96mb of dedicated ram for $19.90 per year.

    There might be discounts on LEB.

  • Your best option is to contact a provider that does a cheap yearly option and ask them to change the specs a little bit because lots of provider will be happy to do so if they do not lose out. Lots of providers also like to give away more bandwidth and less ram. Because they generally have more bandwidth

  • 1) fail2ban requires python which will kill your 32MB VPS dreams.
    2) IPV4 addresses are scarce, thus expensive.
    3) 500GB BW VPS & high availability for < $1.25 mo?


  • @rajprakash:

    Private + Shared = RAM used Program

    2.5 MiB + 549.5 KiB = 3.0 MiB fail2ban-server

  • Hmm ... I've never seen fail2ban+python that low, but apparently I stand corrected. I haven't run fail2ban since around '05-'06, so maybe it's better now.

  • drop fail2ban and use iptables to do the same thing in a quarter of the memory.

  • @Xeoncross: With the iptables anti-bruteforce script I got some problem (on xen) because it will track each connection (even the www one) and the iptables hash table got saturated under (very) high load (it happens during a siege test). Isn't a problem on a small website but I prefer to avoid.

    @rajprakash: Maybe it's because I use python-minimal on debian, dunno.

  • checkout, but I dont know if they allow irc.

  • I'm sure one of the VPS reps that lurk here will help you @Steve81. Here's hoping :)

  • @tommy: I checked hostigation and noticed it's Backup30. But they told me that I can't do anything that's not a backup, with it. Otherwise was surely a perfect package.

    @trelawney: Yeah, maybe. :)

  • Just ask a couple VPS' providers sales representatives on their websites. They should be able to work out an offer for you.

  • LongShotLongShot Member
    edited August 2011

    Keep your eye on for cheap VPS deals.

    The Hostigation Backup VPS is definitely not made for any type of public access - bandwidth is just 3mbs. I've squeezed mySQL, PHP and munin onto mine. It backs up my other VPSes, posts a few munin charts, and lets me remotely query various logs when I need more info.

  • KuJoeKuJoe Member, Host Rep

    The big killer for us is actually the IRC bouncer and IPv6 (we're still waiting for HE to be brought into our data center because right now our only provider that supports it is Level3 so there is no redundancy).

    If it weren't for those 2 things we'd be happy to give you a 64MB account for $1/month but we've had a lot of bad experience with IRC on our network and our data center does not allow it. I'm sure other providers would be able to go that cheap or cheaper (we don't have our own ASN so we pay higher prices for IPs).

  • @KuJoe: Well, with my actual ipv6 irc bouncer (on BuyVM) I haven't got any problem. However I can understand your point of view.

  • KuJoeKuJoe Member, Host Rep

    I personally am very new to IRC but so far every bad thing that has happened to us has been IRC related. It sucks because I've been told that our 96MB plans would be perfect for IRC bouncers and I wanted to setup a node specifically for that reason.

  • ztecztec Member

    Are you for real?
    I have gigabytes of unused memory and I don't sleep any worse at night.

  • KuJoeKuJoe Member, Host Rep

    It's actually very funny because Steve81's first post looks very similar to a post I made prior to starting Server Dragon here. It's actually one of the reasons I decided to offer our 96MB plans (and because people didn't like the idea of 64MB plans).

  • Found. Hostigation allowed me to run what I need in the Backup30 plan.

  • Xeoncross said: drop fail2ban and use iptables to do the same thing in a quarter of the memory.

    If you have the memory free, fail2ban is a good thing to use it with.

  • Steve81 said: Hostigation allowed me to run what I need in the Backup30 plan.

    Not 100% true, the VPS is not on the backup node, the backup node is very limited hardware wise which is why I get sort of anal about it. I migrated Steve81's VPS to one of the actual VPS nodes.

  • miTgiB - The Hostigation shopping cart includes a $20/year OpenVZ package in Rock Hill, SC. What are the specifications?

  • miTgiBmiTgiB Member
    edited August 2011

    @LongShot maybe you missed my Offer or I was too complete with all the details I've been seeing everyone ask for since few have commented.

    But that package is in LA and SC, 128mb/256mb burst, 10gb disk, 500gb traffic, 1 ea IPv4/Ipv6 for $20/yr, currently plans are allocated on the new e3-1230 nodes (3.2GHz).

  • drmikedrmike Member
    edited August 2011

    I missed it too actually.....

    I went looking for it so I could provide a link and couldn't find it right off.

  • drmike said: I went looking for it so I could provide a link and couldn't find it right off.

    Does the link I provided for the word Offer not work?

  • The link worked for me! Thanks for the info.

  • @miTgiB I went looking before you posted. About 10:45am while your post was at 2ish.

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