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Any feedback on combahton?
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Any feedback on combahton?

YmpkerYmpker Member
edited February 2018 in General

May be getting a german located vps from a provider using Combahton so was wondering on any feedback on how the routing is and what to expect :)
Usage will be just a private vpn but I'd rather gather some feedback here first :P


  • RazzaRazza Member
    edited February 2018

    Combahton uses core-backbone as transit, they might have other transit or peering but when I used them last time a few month back its seem to the only upstream I seen the traffic go via .

    The routing was quite good never had any speed issue when I had a vps with them, speed with most EU isp should be quite good since core-backbone peers with most e.g Deutsche Telekom,Liberty Global (Upc), KPN.

    Thanked by 1Ympker
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