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"Don't stop me now": SolusVM 1.20.04 released
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"Don't stop me now": SolusVM 1.20.04 released

edfoxedfox Member
edited January 2018 in General

I just got this mail:

SolusVM 1.20.04 Released.

Hello Ed

Wouldn't it be nice if you could offer your customers a way to stay online when their site experiences explosive growth?

Now you can with the release of SolusVM 1.20.04, introducing the ability to rate limit virtual machines that reach their bandwidth limit, rather than taking them offline with a hard suspension.

  • We’ve added a new feature, allowing you to rate limit virtual machines that reach their bandwidth limit. Need inspiration on how to sell virtual machines using the functionality? We’ve put together a few examples on our blog.

  • We’ve fixed a bug that prevents KVM virtual machines from starting upon node reboot.

  • We’ve reduced the amount of communication that is sent between the master & slave, which improves performance in high density environments.

In addition to the software release, we have also released a new version of the WHMCS module, which has fixed a bug with usage graphs.

Don’t stop me now… instead of suspending users, rate limit them!

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