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X4B - Australia Day Sale | Anycast Remote DDoS Protection | 6 PoPs and expanding!
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X4B - Australia Day Sale | Anycast Remote DDoS Protection | 6 PoPs and expanding!

SplitIceSplitIce Member, Host Rep
edited April 2019 in Offers

It may be a politically contentious date but mate it's still an excuse for a sale :)

AS136165: The network

Current PoPs:

  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • London, United Kingdom
  • Los Angeles, CA, USA
  • Dallas, TX, USA
  • Asburn, VA, USA
  • Miami, FL, USA

Test IP / Looking Glass: (

The Deal

Product Line: Standard Anycast DDoS Protection

Protection: 100Gbps / 100Mpps Guarunteed

Coupon: 30% discount valid on all Anycast services

Coupon Code: LE30PCT

Valid Until: 05/02/2018 (unless we sell out)

Special $7 offer for LET: 25GB Clean Bandwidth

You won't find another comparable Anycast offering in this price range.

The 20 Questions:

Why Anycast?

An anycast network is more redundant, and fault resilient than a regular single PoP network. By announcing in multiple distinct locations we gain redundancy against network and server failure as well as the ability to reduce latency by taking in the connection closer to the source.

Anycast also allows for an increase in Mitigation capacity (particularly Layer 7) and overall throughput per service.

Is this more complicated than a regular filtered service?

For most setups it shouldn't be :) We still provide all the same guides and scripts for setup.

Can I point one or more Anycast PoP at a single server?

Yes you can select which Anycast PoP should be forwarding to each defined backend.

Can each PoP communicate with my server direct?


Optionally with GRE Tunnelling you can also choose to have all PoPs pointed at a single backend, and for that backend to communicate with the appropriate PoP all via a single internal IP address; or you can define only a single tunnel (the choice is yours!)

This is an Anycast IP, can I connect out?

We have worked hard to build a solution that is able to function in every way like a regular Remote Protection service. With a GRE tunnel you can make outgoing connections. There may be a small delay for the first few packets while we create an optimized route through the network.

What about Support?

Low End plans have support Priority capped at Medium. Support for Low End plans is provided in a reduced capacity.

The Technical Stuff


  • Redundant internal backhaul, resilient against communication failures
  • Internal Mesh network, ingress traffic at one PoP and egress it at another (no complex configuration required!)
  • Direct Server Return (DSR) from the first filtering hop wherever possible for minimal latency
  • Able to handle all kinds of PoP switches, rejoins and splits without interruption
  • Support for tunnels to one or more filtering PoPs (with or without BGP) for redundancy
  • China Telecom & CN2 optimized routes in L.A
  • Multihomed w/ Telia, Tinet and Peering

Public service announcement

Should you wish to celebrate this wonderful day (Friday) here in Australia. Be aware and take precautions in regards to the local fauna. In particular be wary of the Australian Dropbear.



  • trewqtrewq Administrator, Patron Provider

    Getting in early ;) Very good offer!

    Thanked by 1SplitIce
  • in

    You meant

    100Gbps / 100Mpps Guaranteed Protection

    200Gbps / 200Mpps Burstable Protection


  • I must admit I'm amused that you are doing an Australia Day Sale without a PoP in Australia. It's completely understandable, but I still find it amusing. :D

  • SplitIceSplitIce Member, Host Rep
    edited January 2018

    @trewq It's really Australia week in our office (for a related project), already had a comical Australia themed shirt from one of our dev's.

    @sanvit yes that's the offer. It's shortened for simplicity. If you have any further questions feel free to reply or ticket. All Anycast offers include a degree of burstability (it's a must, aggregation of rates takes time). We are also working on a Guarunteed capacity increase with the signing of a new transit provider (no details beyond that yet).

    @file I actually investigated it last year. But it posed some taxation issues (GST) that would impact competitiveness for a relatively small market. Perhaps in the future, but not for now :(. Got eyes on other unique PoPs instead :)

  • Throw in some Tim Tams and you just might have me....

  • SplitIceSplitIce Member, Host Rep

    @szarka original or double chocolate any day though. Mmm.

    Thanked by 1szarka
  • GravelyGravely Member
    edited January 2018

    Aus pop incoming????

  • SplitIceSplitIce Member, Host Rep
    edited January 2018

    @Gravely if we had one it would be. We however don't.

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