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Dedicated Server Request
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Dedicated Server Request

agoldenbergagoldenberg Member, Host Rep
edited January 2018 in Requests

Hi Guys,

Tired of whining about NOCIX so looking for a relatively solid provider to work with long term.

Here's the node I have there

CPU: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2670 0 @ 2.60GHz
IPS: 5 useable

Budget: $100 USD or less. Bonus points if you bill in CAD.

Looking for a similar config. North American location. Eastern preferred but not totally necesssary. Would be nice if a cPanel VPS license was included or other freebies but also not necessary.

Let me know.


  • @qps maybe? RAM / SSD is a little high for that budget though.

  • agoldenbergagoldenberg Member, Host Rep

    @ishaq RAM doesn't need to be that high but definitely need at least a 1TB SSD

  • WSSWSS Member

    If you don't mind waiting for 14,000 years, there's always DatabaseByDesign.

  • GTHostGTHost Member, Patron Provider

    We can offer you in Toronto: E3-1270v6, 32GB, 1TB SSD, IPMI, 200M Unmetered - $119/mo.
    Please contact us for this configuration.

  • AnthonySmithAnthonySmith Member, Patron Provider

    Gabe at ioflood can probably do that if you sign a minimum length contract the 1TB SSD might be a 960GB though or you might have to buy it down, but the service is 110% solid.

  • agoldenbergagoldenberg Member, Host Rep

    @gthost can you read? You're over budget and under spec.

  • ClouviderClouvider Member, Patron Provider

    @agoldenberg said:
    @gthost can you read? You're over budget and under spec.

    You’re aware that with your thread and post history you’re severely limiting your options, right ?

  • agoldenbergagoldenberg Member, Host Rep

    @clouvider sorry what??

  • agoldenbergagoldenberg Member, Host Rep

    Maybe I should add. My budget is not set in stone. I get that some providers can't price themselves this low and I'm open to other offers but please at the very least meet the specs of the request or the budget

  • GTHostGTHost Member, Patron Provider

    E3-1270v6 - 11,200 CPU Mark

    E5-2670 - 12,232 CPU Mark

    It's not such a big difference, but you will get a new server with memory 2400MHz

    Thanked by 1SSDBlaze
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