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Preorders - Show your interest.


How many people will show interest if we do an amazing promotion ?
Like 7GB OVZ or 3GB KVM on Enterprise hardware.
Just type Yes or No if you ll pre-order.




  • No, I won't "preorder".

  • No preorder. Atleast not from a no name never before seen host with 0 rep and lack of business plans.

  • What is your business name? What type of hardware the nodes running? What datacenter?

  • Don't think anyone is going to be interested without any information regarding the company, location, or networking.

  • @seriesn said:
    No preorder. Atleast not from a no name never before seen host with 0 rep

    He does too have a rep...

    Thanked 1

    ...and 600+ posts and a million topics started have to count for something too!

    //end of trolling

    TL;DR what everyone else said: you need to provide more information than just OMFG RAM! LOTS OF IT! 7 F**KIN' GB! if you want people to order.

    Providing info about the company, location, network, and background of the people involved would be a start if you want them to buy your product.

  • So you've finally starting to launch your vps company :)

    If I go with the 7GB vps for a month, just for testing, will the uptime stays 100%? And can I use the 7GB 24x7x365?

    Disk IO is not too important for me, 500mb/s would be enough :D

    But just like another user asked here, maybe some information about node, network, and also lists of the company employees ( or is it just you at this moment ), would be usefull :)

  • I am not asking you to preorder without any info - all I am asking is preorder something one will be willing to do for such a promo.

  • Any idea on the pricing?

  • 7GB OVZ / 3GB KVM - 7 USD

  • agoldenbergagoldenberg Member, Host Rep

    Sure I'd give it a go.

  • I would give it a try too

  • Put me down for 100 please. I'll need them all at the same time, too

  • A Pre-preorder thread?

  • Yes

  • No for me

  • irmirm Member
    edited September 2013

    After reading your recent comment/discussion history, I think I would rather take my chances with sonwebhost if I had to choose between the two...

  • Do you really have to create a thread for every step of the way? You already polled for interest here, now you want to know if people will pre-order.

    The only thing this does is make you less trustworthy as a provider. This has insecurity written all over it. If you want to start a hosting company: do it! Don't wait around or depend on responses people give on LET. LET is not a business model, it's a part of the broader VPS market. And people who respond can change their mind.

  • AnthonySmithAnthonySmith Member, Patron Provider

    Pre order? sure why not, Pre pay? no chance.

  • No, sounds like short on funds to start up :/

  • Its funny how he hasn't responded with any details in regards to a business name location or type Of h/w??? Really makes me want to say hell no!

  • @Ian_, Its all good, the HW, Location. If I post them it will be that I am asking for preorders. I am not asking for them. I am asking if people would like to preorder for a nice offer. Thats about it.

  • But how the flying fuck are we supposed to know if it's interesting if you are not revealing the location, the spec's of the hostnodes and other vital information. Stop fucking around and just come to terms with being an idiot.

  • @blergh_

    Currently he has not decided, he will open up a thread when he needs suggestions.

  • This screams "I need money to buy the actual nodes so would anyone want to preorder?"

  • Without details etc - no way I would prepay.

    It isn't the matter of sum, of course. It's a matter of trust. Personally, I prefer long-term relationship. If I choose a provider after testing services, I stay with it as long as possible.

  • When I post the pre-order I will post every single bit of details you guys will need.

  • @darknessends said:
    When I post the pre-order I will post every single bit of details you guys will need.

    Well, this would be the moment when you would receive real-life, rather than hypothetical, answers.

  • AnthonySmithAnthonySmith Member, Patron Provider

    @darknessends please dont do this.

    Look you are brand new to the industry, you are obviously not very confident in anything from a "what customers want" perspective, what you have done here is really ruined your credibility to any new people even asking about pre-orders to begin with.

    Regardless of your intent to my knowledge there have been 3 people all ready do the pre orders thing and run away with peoples money and never deliver the VPS, there have been other pre orders that have been fine by all ready established businesses.

    I am taking the time to try and get you to understand what your actions are doing to your chances of survival in this business, I know I have made some jokes in the past about the fact you ask so many questions but I absolutely promise you that if and when you get your first offer out the first replies will be pointing people at these posts and hostesly it will hurt you and hurt your sales more than you can ever imagine if you become the latest joke host for people to rip in to.

    If you are concerned about financing or need to make sure you get xx orders in on the first month to even make it to month 2 then PLEASE do not launch at all, you need an absolute minimum of 1 years money for yourself and 1 years business costs to survive if this is going to be your full time income, if this is some part time thing while you work a day job then there is no excuse for not being able to cover the bills on your first node, sorry but that is just the way it is please do not mess around with other peoples money.

    I suspect what you actually need (not offering) is a business partner that has industry experience above all else even if it is on a short term basis to get this off the ground, someone that has done it before and is not guessing or taking the advice of people responding to shotgun style questions on a forum that will determine the future of your success or failure.

    Bottom line is you will make mistakes, you have already made some big ones, and you really need to think about this, you seem to think that the only way to succeed is to offer the most Ram, you are dead wrong, if you can afford to sell of some of your stock at cost or a small loss with a new ground breaking deal then that is fine, but there is no way I believe anyone asking about pre orders can afford that, you will soon find out that even if you offer 16GB for $2 if your COMPLETE service model does not work then you will fail.

    I often see new hosts pop up and even not so new hosts move in to the Ram race and honestly my first thought used to be 'hmm that is going to be tough to compete with' but now after seeing so many of them fail or close I just don't worry about it because when they do fail or close the only thing that happens is people become more aware of how unsustainable certain levels of deals are to begin with and as a bonus they look for a more stable offer and maybe I pick up some of the fall out customers.

    I always built things on a stable and solid foundation from day 1 and that has allowed me to sustain the business through some insane market trends and even compete in some areas without any risk.

    Ok.. so I have written you a book of advice here, maybe it should not have been public but I am worried that you are going to get yourself in a bad position and put other peoples money at risk with your failure to grasp how things actually work, if I see any more obvious tell tale signs that you are going to start and fail within the first 60 days I will ask that your offers don't get posted to protect yourself and your potential customers who's money you will loose without delivering.

  • @AnthonySmith Best advice of all time for @darknessends .Read it 10 times

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