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TUN/TAP, PPP and NAT IP Tables Enabling Script
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TUN/TAP, PPP and NAT IP Tables Enabling Script

BlueVMBlueVM Member
edited February 2012 in General


I figured I'd share something with the LET community, a script that I've recently written. I've simplified it so that it can be used on any server supporting openVZ. The script enables TUN/TAP, PPP and Nat IP Tables on a clients VPS using the host node. The script uses PHP requiring version 5.0 or higher and no special addons. Included is the full source (aka you can read everything) and a basic setup guide.

The script allows you to enter the VPS ID of one of your client's VPS or one of your own VPS and enable Tun/Tap, PPP and Nat Tables so that they can use the VPS to setup a VPN.

Downsides / Other Info:
The script in it's whole assumes that your server is setup to allow TUN/TAP and PPP and is running on the OpenVZ architecture. The script does not have any form of security on it's own and it does establish an SSH session with your server. That being said it does come with basic directions for password securing the script via .htaccess. It is a simplified version of the script I currently use to turn on TUN/TAP, PPP and NAT IP Tables for my clients. Makes use of the phpseclib.

As this is a 100% free script and as such I am not responsible for any ill-effects, damage or other issues that may arrise while using this script. I only ask that if you use it, you thank me and preferably do not sell it to others (not that it's exactly valuable)...

Download URL:


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