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Please give your suggestion ::Inodes distribution increase
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Please give your suggestion ::Inodes distribution increase

Inodes distribution increase to max limit


  • I believe you cannot increase Inodes after the filesystem is already created. If your in an OpenVZ environment then the host controls the Inode limits.

  • Okay. Could you please suggest server to overcome it ?

  • If it's a VPS contact your provider, if it's a dedicated you're out of luck.

  • If it's an OpenVZ VPS, open a ticket with your provider (or send them an email or something, given the whole WHMCS Vulnerability issue right now). They can increase your VPS's allocation. If it's a KVM VPS or a Dedicated Server, on the other hand, you're out of luck. You'll have to back up your data, then recreate the partition with more inodes. You might be able to specify the number of inodes you'd like when you install the OS, depending on the installer use.

  • In a typical OpenVZ setup, you're sharing inodes with the partition you're on on the host node, and can possibly be increased by your provider. If your OpenVZ provider supports ploop, then those inodes are all yours, and are set in stone, much like with KVM or a dedicated server (unless you recreate the FS).

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