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Hello guys,

Anyone here has any experience with company?



  • A few years ago, for a few years.

    They were fine. Didnt have many downtime problems or the like. No idea about the support, never really needed it.

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  • If you want i can you give a coupon for one of their Test-VPSs w/e

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  • i had one dedicated "cheap machines" long time ago, the server was fine, but support is slow i mean slowwwwww. i had a ticket about network issue for two weeks open.

    maybe they have changed now maybe not. Their panel is still early 2000's style, you get used.

    you can also try for yourself but if you have money go with netcup or better still hetzner.

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  • atomiatomi Member
    edited December 2017

    I have one VPS with them and I agree what ehab wrote. I will post some stats later

  • atomiatomi Member
    edited December 2017

    Serverbench results:

    CPU model : Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU E5200 @ 2.50GHz Number of cores : 1 CPU frequency : 1499.043 MHz Total amount of ram : 1024 MB Total amount of swap : 512 MB System uptime : 20days, 12:0:43 Load average : 0.10, 0.03, 0.01 OS : Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Arch : x86_64 (64 Bit) Kernel : 2.6.32-042stab126.1

    Node Name IPv4 address Download Speed CacheFly 11.0MB/s Vultr, Tokyo, JP 5.48MB/s Linode, Tokyo, JP 4.18MB/s DO, Bangalore, IN 4.68MB/s Softlayer, Chennai, IN 4.51MB/s Vultr, Singapore, SG 4.31MB/s DO, Singapore, SG 2.58MB/s Linode, Singapore, SG 3.02MB/s Softlayer, Singapore, SG 3.38MB/s Leaseweb, Singapore, SG 2.41MB/s Softlayer, HongKong, CN 3.26MB/s Leaseweb, HongKong, CN 514KB/s

    Vultr, Sydney, AUS 5.05MB/s Softlayer, Sydney, AUS 3.01MB/s Softlayer, Melbourne, AUS 2.88MB/s Tele2, Gothenberg, SE 8.80MB/s Tele2, Kista, SE 10.8MB/s Softlayer, Milan, IT 10.9MB/s Prometeus, Milan, IT 10.9MB/s Tele2, Riga, LV 9.96MB/s Tele2, Vilnius, LT 10.6MB/s Server.LU, Luxembourg, LU 11.1MB/s Tele2, Frankfurt, DE 10.9MB/s Vultr, Frankfurt, DE 11.0MB/s Linode, Frankfurt, DE 11.0MB/s Softlayer, Frankfurt, DE 9.19MB/s Leaseweb, Frankfurt, DE 10.5MB/s DO, Frankfurt, DE 11.0MB/s Vultr, Paris, FR 11.1MB/s OVH, Gravelines, FR 9.88MB/s OVH, Strasbourg, FR 8.63MB/s

    OVH, Roubaix, FR 9.84MB/s Online.Net, Paris, FR 10.1MB/s Tele2, Amsterdam, NL 11.0MB/s Vultr, Amsterdam, NL 11.0MB/s DO 2, Amsterdam, NL 9.90MB/s DO 3, Amsterdam, NL 11.0MB/s Leaseweb, Amsterdam, NL 10.9MB/s i3d, Amsterdam, NL 11.0MB/s Vultr, London, UK 11.0MB/s DO, London, UK 11.0MB/s Linode, London, UK 11.0MB/s Softlayer, London, UK 9.03MB/s Softlayer, Mexico, MX 4.60MB/s Softlayer, Brazil, BR 4.04MB/s DO 1, NYC, USA 5.57MB/s DO 2, NYC, USA 6.27MB/s DO 3, NYC, USA 4.45MB/s

    Vultr, New Jersey, USA 9.57MB/s Linode, Newark, USA 6.09MB/s Vultr, Illinois, USA 6.39MB/s Vultr, Atlanta, USA 9.56MB/s Linode, Atlanta, USA 5.17MB/s Vultr, Miami, USA 6.58MB/s Vultr, Washington, USA 8.41MB/s Softlayer, Seattle, USA 4.73MB/s Leaseweb, Washington, USA 6.26MB/s Vultr, Dallas, USA 7.90MB/s Linode, Dallas, USA 5.21MB/s Softlayer, Dallas, USA 5.42MB/s Leaseweb, Dallas, USA 7.28MB/s Vultr, Los Angeles, USA 6.82MB/s DO, San Francisco, USA 4.66MB/s DO, San Francisco, USA 5.16MB/s Linode, Fremont, USA 1.00MB/s Leaseweb, San Francisco, USA 4.52MB/s DO, Toronto, CA 5.31MB/s OVH, Beauharnois, CA 3.95MB/s EastLink, Canada, CA 4.19MB/s Softlayer, Montreal, CA 6.05MB/s

    I/O speed(1st run) : 393 MB/s I/O speed(2nd run) : 415 MB/s I/O speed(3rd run) : 425 MB/s Average I/O speed : 411 MB/s

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  • They're asking 24 euros/month for a cpu that EOL'd 10 years ago. What.

  • RhysRhys Member, Host Rep

    @teamacc said:
    They're asking 24 euros/month for a cpu that EOL'd 10 years ago. What.

    magically power, rack space and network pricing didn't EOL 10 years ago too, unfortunately.

  • they have been around long time, so pricing isn't always attractive (100Mbit not interesting, 1Gbps not cheap). sometimes special offers might be worth looking into it.

    actually I only have that free TB backup space running, that works good though.

  • ehabehab Member
    edited December 2017

    @Falzo said:
    free TB backup space running, that works good though.

    really!!?? did you get the rsync to work with out the double password? and how was the speed.... i wrote a ticket and they said your contract "free" does not include support... ask the community, i did and only to get reply after some time that didn't help... i even solved and documented there for anyone trying..,329.0.html

  • I just used sshfs to mount it and put stuff on it... so have to admit I haven't looked into direct rsync.

    speeds where okay for pushing data from dallas, if I remember correctly I saw something between 50 and 100Mbit constantly.

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