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WEIRD Adobe Flash CS3 Professional
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WEIRD Adobe Flash CS3 Professional

NarutoNaruto Member
edited February 2012 in Help

Okay I have a .SWF file, right?

I commented two lines. So I ADDED a total of 4 '/' symbols from doing '//' twice.

The file size DECREASED by 20kb. Why?!

Edit: When I REMOVE the two '//' things off those lines and republish the file, it gains 20kb.


  • Maybe when you build the swf, it removes the comments (inc the rest of the line)?

  • That makes sense... that's pretty efficient. I mean, those comments don't need to exist in the published file so yeah. That's pretty neat. :)

  • It would actually be bad if the comments were included in the "binary" as that would make the life of reverse engineerers much easier :D

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