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looking for vps (9$ a month)
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looking for vps (9$ a month)

perryoo11perryoo11 Member
edited December 2017 in Requests


  • let say first should I wait for new years deals?

What I need

* Hosting type: vps
* VZ type: KVM preferred
* Number of Cores: 2 or more
* RAM: would like above 2 gigs.
* Disk Space: above 50 gigs, please
* Bandwidth: 500GB - 1TB
* DDoS protection: would prefer to have. but would be ok to sacrifice for a good deal.
* Number of IPs: 1
* Location: would like to see in Europe
* Budget: 9$ a month
* Billing period: monthly MasterCard

Don't want/need:

  • locations outside Europe
  • top of the line SSD, HDD would do fine.
  • do not need speed, just reliability.
  • I want to give a let provider a chance :) no ovh/

What I'll be using/doing:

  • will do webhosting.
  • will most likely test out new things.

All recommendations welcome, especially if you've had a positive experience with a host or reliable knowledge of them. Thanks!


  • edited December 2017

    OVH: Warsaw (Poland), United Kingdom (London)

    VMHaus: United Kingdom (London)

    Will be your best bet.

  • topic edited forgot to mention something.

  • @perryoo11 said:
    topic edited forgot to mention something.

    Yeah, then VMHaus should be good. It's the only LET provider that I've used so far.

    Thanked by 1vmhaus
  • jh_aurologicjh_aurologic Member, Patron Provider

    In case PayPal is also fine, have a look at for our Frankfurt KVM offers ;-)

  • v3ngv3ng Member, Patron Provider

    I can recommend vmhaus and hosthatch

    Thanked by 1vmhaus
  • NoCommentNoComment Member
    edited December 2017

    Unless you are urgently in need of a vps, I would strongly recommend you wait for christmas/new year recurring deals. If you want to do some testing/work first, you could probably get a free vps somewhere with some free credit for new user registrations. (Digitalocean/linode/vultr probably all give out free credit)

  • uptimeuptime Member
    edited December 2017

    +1 for vmhaus and hosthatch in general.

    With regard to OP's stated specs however I see's UltraKVM-50 found on offers 2 cores / 2 GB RAM / 50 GB HDD for €18 per 3 months. So fits specs and price but misses monthly billing, and doesn't seem to advertise DDOS protection. I have good impression of this product from their west coast US service - fast network, perfect uptime - and would expect their Europe locations to be similarly solid.

    HostHatch would almost match stated specs by adding 250 GB storage KVM ($5 / month) to their $5 / month 2 GB RAM NVMe KVM which provides a single "50% dedicated" core (burstable beyond 50%) with a 20 GB NVMe disk. Total $10 billed monthly available in Amsterdam and Stockholm. I like HostHatch for good performance at budget price from established provider. Don't know if they would want to deal with DDOS though.

    @vmhaus may be willing to offer customized package probably based on their London setup with some proper DDOS protection. I see their current offer page has $7 / month (hourly billing even) gets 2 GB RAM / 2 cores / 30 GB NVMe. That actually looks pretty good. You might already know that they are a new company with good reputation on LET - personally, I've been using their 256 MB RAM mini-KVMs since they first started in May this year, and am happy to report good experience with performance and support.

    Thanked by 2vmhaus UltraVPS
  • mmuyskensmmuyskens Member, Host Rep

    How does $9.25 sound?

  • @Francisco - always a recommendation

    Also use DigitalOcean or OVH depending on requirements

    Thanked by 1Francisco
  • had 4gb + 50gb zfs ssd for 7.56 euro/mo (if you're residing outside EU).

    Choose their AMS location since their Dusseldorf location routes through their AMS router quite often.
    I've had excellent uptime on my AMS Kvm.

    Maybe use @Falzo's affiliate links in his sig, to get a discount on first 6months.

    Thanked by 3Falzo UltraVPS bersy
  • vmhausvmhaus Member, Top Host, Host Rep

    Open a ticket or email us admin ({[at]}) and we should be able to get you something.

    We offer London UK with NVMe SSD disks. Intel Xeon E3v6s and DDR4. We do offer DDoS protection and run our own network and control panel. Our plans are hourly billed so feel free to top up at little as $3 to trial our services.

  • UnixfyUnixfy Member
    edited December 2017

    I can recommend @SpeedBus CrownCloud. They have Frankfurt & NL locations.

    Thanked by 1SpeedBus
  • I can do 4GB RAM, 4 Cores, 50GB Disk, 4TB Bandwidth in Netherlands for $9/month.

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