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RAM, virtual memory, swap space
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RAM, virtual memory, swap space

vtwvtw Member
edited February 2012 in General

For some unsolved reason, UnixBench runs out of memory on my 256/384MB OpenVZ VPS (tailoredvps) at the Shell Scripts section. Support didn't think there was anything to fix, yet UnixBench runs on my 128/256 at BuyVM fine.

So I wrote a C++ program that continuously allocates 1MB chunks until no memory is available.

On tailoredvps, it ran out at ~ 350MB as expected. htop confirmed that all RAM was in use.
On BuyVM, it ran out at almost 3GB. The program didn't show up as using RAM in htop, but VIRT was at 3G.

What's going on? Is there a problem?

Another topic: Do most VPS providers not give swap space? Could I install my own swap space? What is vswap in simple terms?


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