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vpn help
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vpn help

i don't know exactly how my requirements is called. basically if i have a small office (5-10 people), and then i want to allow connection to their network from home , how do i set that up? which software should i be looking at? Do I need a vps for that? I don't have static public ip from office or at home, just dynamic from internet provider. thanks in advance


  • You may wish to have a router running dd-wrt. Then you can set up PPTP server, and bridge connections into internal network. Yes you can set up dynamic dns on it.

    Thanked by 1jcaleb
  • Ah, also you need to have a strong uplink from your office network, at least 4Mbit/s, otherwise it's a pain to connect and work. If you have a modem in front of the router, set the router to be dmz host or forward all ports to that router.

  • Maybe just 3mbs down and 1.5mbps uplink. Will probably be just accessing internal webserver, no remote desktop.

  • The above dd-wrt level mentioned method was suggested as it's the most simplistic for entire networks, Id also suggest that since your asking :)

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  • If you're in the UK, I have a DD-WRT router that I can flog you. D-Link model DIR615.

    Thanked by 1jcaleb
  • Thank you @asterisk14 but I'm very far from you.

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