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(Cherokee || nginx) && bsd sockets
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(Cherokee || nginx) && bsd sockets

Steve81Steve81 Member
edited August 2011 in General

on my 96mb xen vps I tried to siege cherokee & nginx (trying to get a php page).

Using FPM, configured to use bsd sockets rather than tcp, I notice that nginx can't manage 200 requests/s as it starts to throw some 503 errors, 'cause can't connect to the bsd socket.

But, with the same system configuration, cherokee reach around 500 (with some timeout during php parsing, because I've set the timeout to 30 seconds).

If this a nginx misconfiguration or simply cherokee loves bsd sockets more that nginx?


  • Does it work better with TCP?

  • Ofc, but with tcp sockets I'll consume 2 tcp sockets for each connection that request php.
    Also, with tcp sockets, any user on the system can use it.

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