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lftp bookmarks issue
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lftp bookmarks issue

erasereraser Member
edited November 2017 in Help

I connect to my server as follows and it works without problems

set ssl:verify-certificate no set ftp:ssl-force true set ftp:ssl-protect-data on connect myserver.ip login <username> Password <pasword>

but when i add the connection to bookmarks (let's say myserver)and try to connect with

open myserver

the server tells me:

Fatal error: gnutls_handshake: A TLS packet with unexpected length was received.

how to tell lftp to use TLS with the Bookmark


// OK done

in ~/.config/lftp/rc
set ftp:ssl-force true set ssl:verify-certificate no set ftp:ssl-protect-data on

and edit the url in the bookmark

myserver ftp://username:[email protected]:21 is right

not like i had
myserver ftps://username:[email protected]:21


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