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Ajenti Panel releases 1.0! Awesome lightwight web vps management panel
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Ajenti Panel releases 1.0! Awesome lightwight web vps management panel

RaymiiRaymii Member
edited August 2013 in General

The awesome AJenti web panel has released version 1.0:

Release notes:


  • Ajenti now uses WebSockets to maintain persistent connection between server and your web browser, which means less lag and faster response.
  • You can create different Ajenti user accounts and grant/deny permissions on them.
  • A fully automatic SSL certificate generator is included. No more unsafe traffic!
  • Less traffic: UI is sent in compressed JSON and HTML is generated on the client side.
  • Localization: includes complete Russian, French and German translations with more to come.
  • Plugins: extra dependencies can be installed in one click.
  • All plugins are now bundled with Ajenti.
  • Terminal windows are now opened as tabs inside Ajenti interface.
  • NGINX reverse proxying support (Ajenti on an URL subpath).

For developers:

  • Stateful plugin model: never think about session storage or HTTP requests again - application and UI state is persisted and updated automatically.
  • UI bindings: automatically generate UI from data sets: read more.
  • Intents: plugins may send cross-plugin action requests, for example, opening a file from File Manager in Notepad plugin.

Plugin updates:

  • BIND9 and NSD DNS plugins.
  • Samba CTDB clustering plugin.
  • Dashboard: widget order is saved automatically.
  • MySQL and PostgreSQL plugins let you execute SQL queries and manage databases & users.
  • NFS Exports plugin for managing your NFS server.
  • Filesystems: now includes filesystem usage information and lets you mount/unmount filesystems.
  • IPTables: rule comments, reordering, better autorun management, less cluttered interface, smarter options (setting port adds —protocol tcp).
  • LM-Sensors plugin for hardware temperature measurement.
  • Logs: logs are now displayed in realtime (like tail -f).
  • Munin: graphs are now proxied through Ajenti, so direct connectivity between browser and Munin server isn’t required.
  • Netatalk (AFPD) plugin.
  • Network: displays current traffic speed.
  • Power: now displays battery usage.
  • Scripts widget which lets you add run custom command from dashboard.
  • RAID (mdadm and LSI MegaRAID) status plugin
  • S.M.A.R.T. status widget.
  • Services: services from Sys-V init system, Upstart and Supervisor are now merged and displayed in Services table (and can be controlled by service widgets).
  • Task Manager: huge speed improvement
  • Terminal: terminals are now connected through Socket.IO, which brings great speed improvement where WebSockets are supported.

So you can finally drop Webmin.

Here's the website: They do have a very (IMHO) ugly logo...

(I'm not involved in the project, just a satisfied user).

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