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West Coast "Weenie" VPS's (<$10 yearly)
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West Coast "Weenie" VPS's (<$10 yearly)


As the Discussion Title indicates, I'm looking for a VPS providers that provide "weenie" low end VPS for less than $10 yearly. I have 1 with cloudshards so far (64 mb) for $7.50 a year. My only true requirements are that it be able to run linux, softether (free VPN provider) and python. If there are any providers that mirror the cloudshard's deal and not on multacom, that would be awesome. I also have a RamNode VPS, but it's more than $10 yearly.

My goal is to get a collection of these servers on different networks for the use of a VPN. I know I could go with a true VPN provider, but I like managing my own stuff, and I do have a need for some scripts and stuff.

Please don't take any offense to the term "weenie" as I truly like my cloudshard VPS.



  • Hi Jack (don't say that on a plane... bad joke),

    I'm located in Hawaii... so it all depends on the speed. I don't really care about the ping, just the bandwidth.

    The best ping I can get to cross the Pacific (to Seattle) is 80 ms. Once I go down to Los Angeles, my ping goes up to 100 ms.


  • Thanks for the positive feedback! Well if you need 1 in Dallas Texas, we can give provide you one (being an existing customer).

    It's $7.5/year for 64MB.

    Test IP / looking glass is

  • I can do this for $7.00 /year for 64MB in Buffalo, New York. If you're unsatisfied within 7 days i'll issue you a full refund.

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