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Gamer Quality Bandwidth 2gb VPS starting at $5.95/month
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Gamer Quality Bandwidth 2gb VPS starting at $5.95/month

GameData, Inc is now launching our new virtual private server plans!

We have experience with the VPS market since February 2009. As a gaming company, even our virtual private servers are hosted on gamer quality bandwidth! We do not use the cheap cogent blend.

2048mb Guaranteed RAM
80gb HDD
1000gb bandwidth
Additional ips + $0.25
$5.95 / month after promo code

Test IP:

33% Recurring PROMO CODE: LAUNCH

We allow just about anything that is legal.

TUN/TAP Enabled
PPP Enabled
Unlimited OS Reloads
24/7 Support

GameData, Inc was founded in 2004.

(Live chat coming soon)


  • Include the location wher ethe VPS is?

  • additional ip 25 cents?

  • I apologize, this is Dallas Texas in the Tier Point data center. (Formerly known as Colo4)

    Yes IP Addresses are currently 25 cent. As we expand our VPS offers to other locations we may change this. But for now they are 25 cent.

  • what kind of cpus?

  • We have a couple dozen Dell servers. Minimum CPU is Dual core amd opteron 2216

    The owner will be investing in higher end hardware once I have proven the vps market is a good addition to the game and voice services we already offer. Given my experience in the vps market I have no doubt he will be satisfied soon enough. :)

  • @wrhoton said:
    gamer quality bandwidth

    How many DDoS attacks are you expecting?

  • @Zetta is that to suggest that cheaper cogent blends are less susceptible to DDoS attacks?

  • So what is gamer quality bandwidth? Really

  • @duckeeyuck

    Well, TierPoint Data Center (Formerly known as Colo4) in Dallas, Tx offers both
    "High performance IP Managed premium network and budget-friendly IP Plus network"

    We use the High performance IP Managed premium network instead of the budget-friendly IP Plus network, because for our gamer customers speed is extremely important.

    In short the premium blend is faster than the budget blend. I will gather more details about the specific providers and post them in the near future.

  • duckeeyuckduckeeyuck Member
    edited August 2013

    @wrhoton said:
    In short the premium blend is faster than the budget blend. I will gather more details about the specific providers and post them in the near future.

    Could I get them right now instead? I really want to use your product because high end gamers (such as my self) need stuff like this but I want to make sure I'm not walking into some kind of buzzwords show.

    Is this ok?

  • Our Dallas Tx Rack is located in the Colo4 Facility (Now known as Tier Point). Their website shows the following information:

    TierPoint offers the standard budget network that you will commonly find with budget hosting companies including cogent bandwidth.. And then they offer their premium blend of bandwidth that not only includes premium providers, but also has other advantages as follows:

    Arbor device which includes ddos detection system.

    Internap device that does route optimization. Constantly observing traffic and choosing the best route based on factors such as latency and number of hops. Unlike budget bandwidth blends that use simple bgp routing, the Internap device will not simply choose the least number of hops it will also take into consideration latency and any other factors that effect the speed.

    Further more, the premium bandwidth blend has no single point of failure.

    Providers currently used by TierPoints premium bandwidth blend are

    Level 3
    Time Warner Cable
    Above Net

  • Looks like a standard line.

    Is prometeus/buyvm/ramnode gamer-quality too?????

  • You would have to ask them about their networks. But no, not all networks are alike. I mentioned some of the differences above.

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