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K-Disk Networks ( is a brand of Root Level Technology, LLC.
I have a Master Reseller's account with it.

Client service URL (in Paypal):

I will not talk about others problems I had with them. I will focus in this case:
In August, 12th, 2013 I paid (via Paypal) the service. ID: 09P2___1872326211

As I received a message that I did not make the payment today at 2am, I paid today (August, 19th - ID 4J8101___D807635G), AGAIN and the service has been SUSPENDED for more than 17h.
I opened a ticket and no reply until now.
Ticket subject:
[Ticket ID: 922832] Service Suspension for a PAID service

In fact, I received an automatic reply:
"Thank you for contacting our support team. A support ticket has now been opened for your request. You will be notified when a response is made by email. The details of your ticket are shown below."

All domains hosted have the same message:
"Account Suspended
This Account Has Been Suspended"

I am having a lot of problems with my clients for this RIDICULOUS situation.
No reply.
All domains are not working (suspended).

The owner of Root Level Technology is a member of this forum?
Does this company already exist?


  • This is how I and my clients see the domains:

  • AnthonySmithAnthonySmith Member, Patron Provider

    did you pay via the link on the invoice or did you just send the money via paypal?

    I ask because a few customers (often in Germany for some reason) just send paypal payments directly rather than paying the invoice, when that is done the API does not trigger the invoice payment confirmation or what ever you want to call it and your service will get suspended.

    I suspect this is just automation gone wrong, I guess billing may not work weekends when you opened the ticket but someone should be around by now, afaik they do not visit these forums as k-disk was recently sold to a bigger company.

  • I paid using the link in the INVOICE page. Not direct.

    I received the message the payment was done in the final of the process and.. the problem is there and no reply.

    I opened the ticket today. Today is MONDAY, not sunday. So, after all this time I think they could read a ticket in HIGH level priority.

    For a big company? \o/
    The same person reply my tickets since the first day. I imagined it was a company with only ONE person.

    I hope he can be ALIVE.

  • jakejake Member

    Did you try giving Root Level Tech a phone call? 877-512-4678

  • They replied me last night asking me to prove that I paid the invoice.
    After that, they removed the suspension.
    This was ridiculous.
    You can not suspend a MASTER RESELLER account without be sure the owner did not pay the invoice. They sent the email and start the suspension. Crazy insane. It has not delay between the email and the suspension.

    After all problems I had, what can they do to? Nothing. One FREE month will not pay the problems my clients and I had.

    I am thinking about what to do. If I will get out from their server or not.

  • I will upgrade more info about this company.
    Chris is a guy that has problems in his email, because I think he can only READ the email messages. He has never replied anyone of my messages. I sent him a PM and...? No reply.

    They made a migration from K-DISK to URPAd and.. I lost all my SUPPORT TICKET DATA. Yes, you read right.
    I have NO ACCESS to my account.
    I can only contact support by email.

    This company has NO respect to the costumers. Maybe I had not luck!
    Tickets were not migrated from K-disk to URPad.
    No account acess.
    They asked (as K-Disk) to pay 2x for the same month. Sent an email and after 6 hours suspended the service for an account I had paid 5 days before.
    Migration from K-Disk to Urpad was something like not not good.
    Emails my clients sent to clients did not arrive (IP in black list). In spite of this, all they emails do not use the same IP. Funny, right? For the others: black listed IPs, for their company: good IPs.

    In spite of to solve the problems reported in the emails (I can not access the client area), they are trying to CANCEL the account.

    What can I think about this company?
    And I could see some offers from them in a few forums. Why is it trying to get new costumers if the old ones can not receive a basic support?

    Read the last message I received from Vice President of Business Development:

    Thank you for your reply. I will go ahead and refund you and cancel the product. Please let me know when you are finished migrating your information so we can terminate the account.

    Yes, I have all emails and I can show I am not lying.
    If K-Disk had not a good support, I can not say how I can name the actual support.

  • One thing more: I need to do all the MIGRATION process from DreamHost to K-Disk.

    DreamHost does not use Cpanel and their support did not help to make the migration process of all data.

    Did I mention I am talking about a RESELLER's ACCOUNT?

  • jakejake Member
    edited October 2013

    Hmm, interesting.

    Root Level's brand page shows 4 brands now. It looks like they've consolidated all of the smaller brands (Reliabox, K-Disk, and VMPort) into URPad.

  • They lost all support history (tickets) from the old brands (in my case K-Disk).
    I have no access to this NEW system.
    This must be a joke.

    The support was not good. Now it only works to ask the client to GET OUT when he is sending more than 2 support tickets. A lot of work, I imagine.

  • Do they mention anywhere at kdisk site that they offer free non cpanel migration?
    As for missing tickets, this is a kayako related bug afaik and not something under their control.

  • Hi @seriesn
    Yes, you can read the thread here:

    All of our servers have whitelabel nameservers and hostname, we even offer Private Nameservers We guarantee 30 minute response times via ticketing you will no longer have to wait for Support as we are here 24x7.

    Coming from another host? Our support team will transfer everything for you with utmost urgency and care!

    For my experience: 30min is not true.
    After migration things are a lot worst.

  • Fair enough.

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