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UK/AT/USA OpenVZ and XEN VPS from £ 3.00 / m (incl. VAT) - Castlegem Ltd.
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UK/AT/USA OpenVZ and XEN VPS from £ 3.00 / m (incl. VAT) - Castlegem Ltd.

ozfingweozfingwe Member
edited January 2012 in Offers

Hello, below please find our current LEB offers as well as some background information about our company, I hope the format of the post is appropriate:

LEB plans:
UK/AT – XEN mini: 1 vCPU, 256MB RAM, 512MB swap, 10GB HDD in RAID, 100GB bandwidth - £ 4.25 net per month / £ 5.10 incl. VAT per month.

USA – XEN mini: 1 vCPU, 256MB RAM, 512MB swap, 10GB HDD in RAID, 500GB bandwidth - £ 4.00 net per month / £ 4.80 incl. VAT per month.

UK/AT - OpenVZ mini: 1 vCPU, 256MB RAM, 512MB burst, 10GB HDD in RAID, 100GB bandwidth - £ 3.50 net per month / £ 4.20 incl. VAT per month.

USA – OpenVZ mini: 1 vCPU, 256MB RAM, 512MB burst, 10GB HDD in RAID, 500GB bandwidth - £ 2.50 net per month / £ 3.00 incl. VAT per month.

We guarantee we do not oversubscribe our OpenVZ nodes.

All VPS come with 100mbps uplink, equal/fair CPU/IO share, SolusVM as control panel, and 1 IPv4 address. All plans are month to month. IPv6 available upon request. All orders are being manually processed by Sales during UK business hours, typical setup time is 30-60mins during office hours, and at most 8 hours if the order is placed during non Sales office hours.

Our full range of VPS plans (flexibles, specials, and backup) including the low end plans can be found here:

Location & Test hosts/files:
XEN: Manchester Synergy House. (
OpenVZ: London Telehouse. (
AT: Vienna RZB. (
USA: Fremont, CA, West Coast. (


Payment methods accepted: Paypal, Moneybookers/Skrill, Google checkout, Bank wire.

General rules of interest:

Our TOS are mostly geared towards companies. We fully guarantee precedence of European consumer laws over our TOS where and if applicable.

VAT is applicable if and only if you are either a UK customer, or an EU customer without a valid VAT number.

We have been in business since 1995, with the brand Castlegem Ltd. having been established in April 2008 to build a roof over our AT, UK, US, and CEE ventures. Until 2005, we focused mainly on corporate customers and fully integrated solutions (ISP & eCommerce, BPM) - with the advent of affordable mainstream virtualisation (i.e. not AIX or Solaris as hosts, for example), we increasingly opened up to customers qualifying as small companies (< 50 employees) who now amount to ~20% of our customer base.

We own all our equipment, and we are 100% self financed. Over 50 developers, sysadmins, and support/administrative staff work with us. We proudly sponsor CentOS, LXCenter (Kloxo, HyperVM), and over 50 projects for environmental protection and sustainable development.

We have PoPs in London Telehouse, Manchester Synergy House, a second PoP in Manchester (not advertised), in Ashburn, VA, Fremont, CA, Hannover, DE, and Vienna, AT. We plan 2 more PoPs until April 2013 (DE/Western Europe, and UA).


  • bretonbreton Member
    edited January 2012

    @ozfingwe said:

    We guarantee we do not oversubscribe our OpenVZ nodes.

    So why are they cheaper than Xen ones?

    Thanked by 1vedran
  • Two reasons, one is hardware costs, the other is marketing - customers assign less value to an openvz vps than to a xen or kvm. xen and kvm also require slightly more resources/overhead on the node/OS level (relatively, especially for such small plans). Overall, however, it is largely a marketing aspect - we do, however, make no price difference for the standard flexible plans as the overhead costs difference converge here.

    Thanked by 1mina
  • @breton said: So why they are cheaper than Xen ones?

    My thoughts exactly!

    I didn't know XEN hardware is more expensive ...

  • To clarify: these are different nodes: different hardware, different prices. As it happens, the Xen nodes come with more expensive hardware, on average (this just happens, it is simply a parameter in a business setup, same as office costs, etc.). But as I mentioned, the relative difference is negligible once you go for a standard plan. On Xen you have to explicitly reserve a larger portion of hardware resources than with OpenVZ. But again, this is more a theoretical aspect - overall, it always evens out, hence the standard plans make no difference.

  • Which datacenter is your Fremont, CA offering in?

  • In Fremont we use HE's FMT2.

  • AsimAsim Member

    @ozfingwe Sorry to bump an old topic but is there a new LEB XEN or KVM offer?

  • thank you, @Asim, I will think of something. What is your preferred location?
    cheers -

  • AsimAsim Member

    @ozfingwe any location

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