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"Offshore"/secure domain registrar
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"Offshore"/secure domain registrar

Hi folks,

let me be clear: I'm NOT looking for a domain registrar where I can register domains for sending spam, hosting botnets and so on. I don't want to do illegal or criminal things. I'm just looking for a registrar where I can register domains related to Tor. I've had some domains in the past and only registrars which are based in the USA shut them down. Perhaps it is coincidence but maybe not. Nevermind.. I've read that even shuts down domains when they receive a fake or false DMCA abuse, so please don't suggest me them. Possibly there are some registrars in Russia/Ukraine/etc. which don't mind about such a domain.
P.S.: I'm not looking for a specific domain.

Thank you!


  • xsetxset Member

    @sven19 Have you read the news? Russia is about to ban Tor, so I think you won't find a registrar in the Russia to support Tor anymore.

    What do you exactly need the domain for? "Related to tor" ? Doesn't say much.

  • NyrNyr Community Contributor, Veteran, they did shut down pharmacy domains, but I don't think they would just because of DMCA.

    Shinjiru (Malaysia) is a good choice too.

  • No one likes in here ?

  • Use some chinese, ukrainian, belarussian or icelandic one.

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