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Intel scalable processor, any hosting provider will use it ?
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Intel scalable processor, any hosting provider will use it ?

any advantage for hosting industry ? just courious


  • Currently, I have five servers that will be utilizing these processors, I am just awaiting for HPE & Insight to build & ship my servers to Voxility.

  • WilliamWilliam Member
    edited October 2017

    Platinum has certain HA/RAS advantages over former E7, so yes banks will certainly switch things over - i've seen presentations for 4S/8S systems already (DL980 Gen9/10, exact model number TBA) and, by the INSANE cost of E7, they cost nearly the same as last gen.

    Gold/Silver have advantages and downsides over E5, cost wise E5 wins.

    AMD, by price and useful addons - namely PCIe lanes - beats either currently, and unlike most Xeon Platinum CPUs are actually available already in qty.

    Omnipath is special for a special market so i'll ignore it here, also as AMD has nothing really to compare to (same for Xeon Phi coprocessors).

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