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vps or vps with antiddos protect dns amp attack
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vps or vps with antiddos protect dns amp attack

Hello Lowendtalk,
Can give me some info what hosting vps or vds good for protect dns amp attack :)
i hope someone give me good info for that


  • blacklotus does that well.

  • ok well, blacklotus not clean traffic for protect & expensive :) much betters vps from voxility but dont know what the website

  • SplitIceSplitIce Member, Host Rep

    Voxilitys default filtering should be able to take care of dns amplification attacks IF you do not need UDP for your site.

    Just ensure you have purchased the DDoS firewall addon and then in the firewall, disable all UDP. If you need more flexibility you can acheive basic filtering with the interface but if you need to make use of UDP you will need more flexibility.

  • not for site dude :( i need for app streaming :S so need some vps or vds

  • SplitIceSplitIce Member, Host Rep
    edited August 2013

    "site" referring to what ever service you are running not specifically a website.

    But still if you need UDP during attacks you best look at either us ( or JavaPipe ( There are probably other providers out there with their own filtering hardware at Voxility, their bandwidth prices are very good for mitigation (compared to most of EU).

    In the interest in openness JavaPipe are our upstream and use Riorey hardware which is pretty effective.

    In case you are interested, I took a look through some of our old (because I dont want to infringe on the privacy of any of our clients) graphs.

    X4B UDP Flood

    Both us and JavaPipe use this same infrastructure with only minor differences (filtering rules and architecture etc). And in this case the brunt of the attack is already taken care of with broad rules at Voxility's level a method we both use.

  • to expensive for vds bw 200gb only :) take over 120 usd

  • x4b charges 45$ for 200gb on their ro location, where they have the same filtering as javapipe.

  • i dont understand about service x4b :) i looking not rent server service

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