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BLUE VM down !! Many times in a month.
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BLUE VM down !! Many times in a month.


I bought bluevm very happily - cheap reseller hosting.
No complains for a while untill strange downtimes are happening, Their server is stuck so many times that my clients are now afraid !

The tickets are not returning me any answer !.....Today even the main website is down ! No idea what the hell is happening.

Can anyone suggest a better reseller host that is trustable ??




  • It is down even now !

    Error 522
    Connection timed out

    Says Cloud Flare !!

  • SaikuSaiku Member, Host Rep

    none of them ever down for at least 2 weeks.
    You sure it's not CloudFlare's fault?

  • No, doesnt opens, so does my site hosting on their servers. Seems like their uptime is at fault.

  • I have got the A record from their DNS.
    Used justping to find their ping times from 50 locations, None of them is returning answer.

  • There is deinitely some mistake. Now it returns answer. But my sites on their server, as well as their cpanel server is down.

  • down here too

  • xsetxset Member

    im down!

  • NeoonNeoon Member, Community Contributor
    edited August 2013

    For customers in our Kansas City location (OpenVZ and cPanel) and those trying to access our site we are currently experiencing downtime. This downtime is caused by a fiber cut that AT&T caused earlier today for the line's that WholesaleInternet uses. We don't have an ETA as to when this will be fixed but we are hoping it's fixed soon. For now if you need help please visit us on our IRC channel!

    On their facebook page

  • Darned WSI. We're just as annoyed with the issue as you are. Trust me. We're waiting for more information from WholeSaleInternet about the downtime.

  • Without the cable too they have been down a lot. :( I love their pricing though.

  • BlueVMBlueVM Member
    edited August 2013

    This unfortunately isn't our fault... AT&T is just awesome :(

    The nodes have high uptime (34 days is the lowest), the network however is quite irritating... I'm about to pull the nodes and move them to Atlanta or Texas just to save money on support costs...

  • @BlueVM : Can you move me ? I am irritated, my clients are yelling at me.

  • BlueVMBlueVM Member
    edited August 2013

    @darknessends - Right now I can't move anyone. I'll be looking into moving the entire cpanel and vps network elsewhere shortly though. We spend nearly a grand at WSI every month and their network has just been crap lately...

  • @BlueVM : As soon as the network is back, do u have any other location or any other machine which is good and stable ?

  • @darknessends - We currently only offer cpanel hosting in Kansas City. I'll be making my decision to move everyone shortly if this keeps up.

  • This is my honest sincere feedback -
    I like your pricing. But honestly the downtimes on this cpanel hosting are way above my acceptance limitation. One day the server itsself was choked and your support were not able to resolve it for a long time.

    Please get this one stable, Please, Please. I have high hopes.

  • @Asim, User not found.

  • AsimAsim Member

    @darknessends said:
    Asim, User not found.

    typo, check now

  • @BlueVM said:
    darknessends - We currently only offer cpanel hosting in Kansas City. I'll be making my decision to move everyone shortly if this keeps up.

    Ah well, you can't blame them too much for AT&T being idiots.

    Well, first off, we are not completely down. Our NKC facility is off line which comprises less than half of our total server count.

    Second, both lines that head to NKC cross each other in the street right outside Oak. Both conduits were cut in half by this giant man hole cutting drill.

    The solution is to move the second leg of our NKC run onto the fiber we currently use for cogent and our cogent onto one leg of the fiber we go to NKC on. That conduit is on the other side of the street and was not hit. So that's the plan to prevent this in the future.

    As for an update: the splicing crews are pulling new fiber now, then they'll start splicing. Hopefully we'll be back in 1-2 hours.

    1-2 hours it is then.

  • My VPS in KC from CrownCloud is down from the same fiber cut. Luckily, my BlueVM server is in LA.

  • Darned AT&T. Messing things up. Now I can't do tickets, meaning I don't get paid :(

  • We're also down but have 3 nodes @ KC.

  • KS vps has no problem.

  • They might be at the other facility which didn't have its lines cut. My Dedi at WSI is still online and accessible, as is my VPS in Kansas.

  • bdtechbdtech Member
    edited August 2013

    Don't the DC have multiple providers?

  • My WSI servers responding perfectly... it may depends where you from related to their network

  • I have been hammering away on one of their LA nodes for more than a year now without issue. BlueVM have been one of my best VPS hosts (even their support has been awesome).
    This is very much a DC issue, and I'd hope they look to see if it's a suitable match for them and their reputation!

  • BlueVMBlueVM Member
    edited August 2013

    Their most recent response (after 8 hours of downtime):

    My apologies for your inconvenience, like you we anxiously await a resolution to this issue.
    Unfortunately we are at the mercy of the local Telco who is making the repairs.
    Gragg @ Whole Sale Internet

  • Fortunately, my VPS with @BlueVM @ KC is still up.
    Only few downtime ranging from 15-30 minutes every month.

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